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What Will Santa Claus Bring Me For Christmas

As markets rest here after pulling out from an early grave this morning, I thought I’d take some time to ponder about the future — this Xmas to be precise. The way I see it, I’ve been good all year. My temperament has been under control and I’ve been extremely generous with my time and my coin. I treat people the way I’d like to be treated, except for the rare occasion I slander someone or tell them to FUCK OFF for asking me stupid questions. But all things considered, and this of course is just my opinion in the matter, I have never been a better person than in 2023.

If you could’ve chanced upon Young Fly in say 2003 — you’d think I was a devil, always up to mischievous things — talking down to people who made less money than me — kept myself secluded from the plebeian class and never even bagged my own groceries, but instead waited for the cashier to do it for me on purpose. That Fly didn’t deserve anything at all; but he somehow managed to make it all the way to today — a classic villain arc story.

And now here I am: packing my own bags at the grocery, very polite to obvious poors, although I am still extremely disdainful to the homeless as I see no reason whatsoever to ever comport with their kind.

At any rate, I am started to annoy myself with this fucking long winded blog.


WHAT THE FUCK IS SANTA CLAUS BRINGING ME FOR XMAS? Is it gains? Will my fucking stocks go higher, or will KRAMPUS whisk them away and make me furious for believing in the magic of the holidays?

+53bps into the final hours, seriously thinking about what I deserve and what I might get.

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