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I’d Like More

I traded very poorly today, as evidenced by me just making 32bps today. I had gains of 95bps several times and squandered them due my insatiable greed. I now find myself heavily long in the most absurd small capped stocks, but hedged with $UVIX.

I’m frankly greedy and should call it a year, happily rich, +58% for the year. But I have a void inside of me that needs to be filled and I find that when I cartoonishly increase the digits of my brokerage accounts — I temporarily feel better about myself. If my life was surrounded by true innovation or achievement — perhaps I would be content with index funds and charitable donations. But as it stands now, I am neither charitable nor content and seek to explore the emotion called happiness via meaningless trading.

As it stands now, I do not know with certainly where markets are heading next. It can go down into hell roasting me heavily, or perhaps much higher and that would make me happy. I think if it went up and I became happy, I’d take some of the winnings and buy booby traps to place outside the house in the event the fires rise again and nomadic bands of criminals attempt to retrieve surplus food supplies from my house. Or, maybe I’ll just stow the money away and continue to live frugally, only spending large sums at The Shopping Mall or Whole Foods with Mrs. Fly.

I do have an uneasy feeling which means I positioned wrong and will most likely regret every god damned thing I did today. Sorry to have made you read this utterly useless missive about my feelings. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have something constructive to contribute. I will repeat to you my core beliefs: buy $TSLA $UBER and $BTC every month for the next 2 years and then fuck off.

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