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I Happen to be Reading Up On the Roman Empire

A meme made the rounds yesterday featuring a shocked wife speaking about how men think about the Roman Empire every single day. She didn’t think her husband did and so asked him. In her disbelief, she had to come to grips with the fact that he too thought about it, much more often than she’d ever imagined. She regaled her audience with her feelings about it and how Rome never once came into her little cute head.

A great man once said: “women do not care for history because they didn’t make it.”

I happen to be reading about the Roman Empire right now, after 6 consecutive books about the Civil War — Rebel Yell being my favorite.

I will tell you why men like history and think about the Roman Empire. Every man strives to leave his mark during his life and look up to great men who did great things. This all has to do with death and fear of wasting a life. I can only speak from experience, but I am fascinated to understand how things work — the etymology of things and about the people who were unique enough to create things that shaped modern society. A cursory look at Rome will show you their civilization, born over 2,000 years ago, was much more advanced than the vast majority of countries today. This is not by happenstance but instead the result of intelligent men who were impassioned by an ideal much greater than their own caprices.

My favorite depiction of Rome on Tv is the early aughts hit Rome on HBO.

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  1. alaric

    I’ve mostly been interested in the migrations from central Asia to Europe. Also the way Rome absorbed the Germanic tribes in to the Roman empire. The book or online copy of The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians by J.B. Bury goes into the time around 400 ad.

    I happened across a copy of Gaius Julius Caesar’s book The Conquest of Gaul. It is a first hand account that help propel him to the top of the heap.

    Bury’s online link. https://jillian.rootaction.net/~jillian/world_faiths/www.northvegr.org-relative-n/lore/pdf/bury.pdf

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  2. metalleg

    I think I know the answer based upon what you wrote above but I’ll ask it anyway because it is a question many people are divided on.

    If you had the chance to travel back 500 years to anywhere in the world or forward 500 years to anywhere in the world, for a short period of time, ie a week, a month?, which would you rather do?

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  3. alaric

    Well Italy was a mess as was most of Europe. Or you could go see the spanish whack the aztecs. Or you could watch the Portuguese get driven out of china. You would probably do ok in Hawaii if you just appeared as a white god. Now 2523 who knows. If I could go in a bubble of breathable air and look that would be ok. The place might be empty or everyone living underground or a new garden or a new garden of eden. I’d pick the future for a quick look and old Hawaii if I could stay awhile as a god.

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