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OMG – I Love Inflation

So it looks like oil is going over $100 again and we haven’t even begun to think about what it means. What’s also happening now is the US 10yr is +4bps accompanied by a rally in the Russel. This cannot and will not stand.

Over at iBankcoin we LOVE inflation. When I say “we” I mean it in the Royal sense, since it’s just me.

See with inflation we get higher gas prices and with higher gas I get to enjoy less traffic because the Oliver Anthony’s of the world can’t afford to just sit there in traffic. Those fuckers are off somewhere with a banjo singing songs.

You have to understand, I have no sympathy for the poor or fats. Both of those things are within your control. Stop being a pussy, feeling sorry for yourselves.

I was going to say “hey this is America — you can just rob a bank now” — but that’s wrong and I don’t condone degenerate behavior any sort, including excessive booze or any form of mind altering drugs.

Look here Jack, the market is going to snap in half within a year. All of this Biden business and his super genius economic strategy of eating iced cream with aviator glasses on cannot last.

Yesterday I said I was bullish. I actually said I was a “tranny-bull” but I was making up my own truth. I am able to do that here, creative license, because why the hell not!

I fucking hate the market at these prices and want them lower.

I had a really bullish book this morning but have been tapering it down and now posses a little $SOXS. I view the bounce in the $IWM as inevitable and won’t be stupid enough to lean hard in either direction. My plan is for a slow grinding assault on this tape, which is preferable for me as I don’t like to trade in annoying chop. I will, however, bulk up my bets as my conviction grows.

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  1. flea

    Don’t expect a crash for a long time. We are drowning in liquidity and it is just going to continually press shit upwards. ARM IPO was 10x oversubscribed and has a current PE of 100. There’s gobs of money everywhere.

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