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Update on House Fly in Europe Trip

We fled Scotland for London today, which I immediately felt that I hated. The whites are subjugated to taxis and fish n chip shoppes whilst the based Arabs run rampant amongst the high end stores throughout the city sopping up all over the overpriced nonsense because their oil daddies said it was possible.

On Friday I traded myself back to breakeven but generally hated the market. I wasn’t near the market or watched it for most of last week, but felt it was wrong and off, so naturally I hated it.

Truth is, I’ve always hated the market since it blew me to smithereens back in 2000. For a while I got over it during the aughts and then 2008 came around and solidified my hatred for it. We then had the Greek crisis, non stop Fed rigging, Trump cheerleading bullshit, COVID lockdowns and the last year’s inflation panic.

It’s all bullshit.

Tomorrow we venture off for the fucking castle but the railmen are striking, which is bound to piss off a lot of middle eastern nepotism babies. I’ll likely get myself an Uber and spend $200 for someone to drive me around as I update my twitter feed en route to seeing an all important castle to marvel at the splendor of the ruling class in all of their gauche grandeur.

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  1. barbee

    Nothing like a good vacation to give you clarity.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if you decided not to come back to us.
    We’d be unhappy! Yes. Surprised? No.

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  2. alaric

    I didn’t know you were going to England. Get out of the cities. Take a narrowboat from Abingdon up past Oxford and back. You drive the boat, it’s easy, and can stop where you want. We spent a week wandering around. Here is an ad.
    “Barking Mad, 52 ft Narrowboat available for river and canal holidays. Starting in Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire there are many delightful, historic and lively towns within reach as well as plenty of quiet country moorings in between. She is kitted out with everything you will need to have a safe holiday. Full training and guidance is given for piloting, mooring etiquette and techniques as well as locks and boat safety. Ideal for beginner or experienced boaters. Price includes diesel.
    The space
    The dinette room folds down to a double bed for bed no2 and there is a sofa bed in the cabin for the 3rd double. It is 52 ft long, has a wood burner if you should need it as well as radiators and a TV.”
    You can also rent similar boats on the Canal Du Midi in southern France. You need to know how to start a conversation in French, but everybody will shift to English when they see you trying to speak French, If you start in English they won’t help you. I spent a week going from Argens-Minervois to Aigres-Mortes. No Americans and only a coupe Brits

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  3. metalleg

    If you need a driver in London, let me know. Haven’t used him for a number of years but he might still be in the biz. He took us around and showed us the sights over a few days and drove us to LHR for our flight.

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