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There Are No Killer Trades Now

Are you feeling comfortable long banks or biotech into the fires? Or, do you feeeeeeel good selling short into what you know will be govt rigging?

Understand something, your subjective thinking is by definition subject to inputs — ruined by emotions. Maybe you were beaten as a kid or maybe you bullied others and have a false sense of superiority. Either way, the answer to every single investment malady lies in the emotions you produce when in front of the screen.

The answer: objective analysis using computers.

I only use my core holdings via the Stocklabs quant now. I buy what it tells me and to be honest — I never even look at those stocks for the time period I hold them — which is 1 month for regular quant and 1 week for my trading. This way, I find, again, I circumvent my feeeeeeeelings and can simply trade the tape in front of me — falling back on quantitative approved picks.

I gained 5.5% for the week, +35% YTD. The vast majority of my gains are via trading profits — the hedges I use during bad tapes. However, unlike 2022, I do not miss out on big rallies now due to my PERMANENT 100% long book.

That is my secret and you are welcomed to join me — you cheap sons a bitches.

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