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The Dow Jones Industrial average turned negative for the year in a bank led rout. We still have gains in all other indices, notably with the NASCRACK +11%. But the mood is, all of a sudden, glum — as the Fed rate hikes seem to be having a waning effect on inflation. We are throwing billions upon billions at Ukraine, in a flaccid attempt at preserving global hegemony and to keep an ancient spite against the Orthodox Russian people.

Today the mercenaries of PMC Wagner took the center of Bakhmut and it should come as no surprise to anyone reading this blog — STOCKS DID NOT LIKE IT. Whether you realize it now or later, you should know the fate of Pax Americana, for whatever reason, now lies in Kiev.

I closed +19bps for the session, now HEAVILY short at 50% of assets because why the fuck not?

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