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Markets Slumber Higher As Pivotoors Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop the Buying

I wantonly underperformed today, trading +20bps for the day. But on a YTD basis, I’m up 26.6%. What are you up?

See pal — that’s who I am and you’re nothing.

I think tomorrow I’ll make more. I took most of the day off preparing for the arrival of ANTIFA FLY and made some poor hedging bets into an up tape. I did that because I was out and wanted to freeze things, since I have a PERMANENT 100% long book. What if markets tailed out and I wasn’t around to manage it? It might lead to a 1 or even 2% drawdown.

I cannot allow such things.

This way, when I am out — I simply hedge 20-40% with SQQQ, or another inverse, and go about my day without a worry in the world.


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