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It’s a long lost dream of mine to see oil go so high, people are forced to ride horse and buggy again. Imagine the empty roads, and desolate streets filled with HORSE SHIT. It would be an honor to preside over a market down, say 5,000 points, and oil up 15% — give or take. The ultimate FUCK JOE BIDEN trade is exactly that — a dream of seeing inflation rip the old man’s head off (in Minecraft) and the market so low the exchanges close for lunch on a daily basis due to disinterest.

But we do not always get what we want, do we? Oil is lower, with the market, and the only facet of the market that is up are risk averse stocks, such as TR (read my books).

The market is different, but also in many ways exactly the same. People run out with high hopes and good spirits and come back looking like World War 2 Vets in their 90s. This is not a playground for the weak and I see it all the time with Stocklabs members canceling the fuck out, either due to some sort of transexual surgery needed, pissed off at me or someone else inside the Pelican Room for “hate speech”, or a simple case of zeroing the fuck out in a cloud of hubris and stupidity.

Whilst I sometimes exhibit my own bouts of wanton stupidity, I am almost never in a cloud filled with it. I have too much going on, too many brain cells operating at all times, to succumb to folly for an extended period of time.

The market looks dreadful today, almost the exact opposite of yesterday. This is the tape of killers and bank robbers; be careful out there else you’ll be on the receiving end of a margin call or two and/or sudden desire to cut your dicks off and become a lady of the night.

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  1. alaric

    but we always get what we need, deserve

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  2. roguewave

    multi lol ^
    Using Stocklabs membership savings will probably not get them high end transexual surgery. Maybe better they save the cutting, stitches and pain and put the money toward an assisted suicide in Canada. I heard they have a special going on.

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