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It was rumored last night and then confirmed by Taiwanese media and this morning the WSJ is reporting that Speaker Pelosi “will not be intimidated” by the freedom loving Taiwanese and the only question is — WILL SHE SLEEP IN TAIPEI?

Naturally the Chinese will do nothing, as the Chinese always do. Should they attack Taiwan or perhaps shoot down Pelosi’s plane all because she is visiting there in an attempt to humiliate China?

Of course not!

They should just shut up and continue to be happy with our money and stealing our IP.

I suspect NOTHING will happen from all of this rhetoric and I’m not being fooled unto believing a drunken geriatric will be the cause of WW3. I know, it’s an unpopular position and you’re probably thinking that I’m thinking “WAR IS LOOMING” but I’m not. I’m actually thinking peace is just around the bend.

How about them oils knifing lower off China concerns?

New month, new themes. Try to adjust to all of the chicanery.

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  1. metalleg

    ‘Tis just a distraction so we don’t focus on how well Jim Biden is doing.

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