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An array of fuckery is taking place today. PHUN up over 1,100%. I will have you know, I sold 30,000 shares in the AH last night at $1.8. I left only $600k on the table. DWAC hit $155+ and the warrants higher by 550%. This has spread into other right wing plays like SALM +80%, CRTD +100%+, MDIA up sharply and etc.

I played TRKA this morning for a quick +25% — because anything remotely related to media or marketing is running hard. Is this normal? Laughable.

Can it last?

For a bit.

This is the obvious reaction to Trump’s media announcement and it has taken on meme like qualities. I am all but out of anything normal other than BABA and BABA calls and have a few meme related dice rolls on the books now. The general market looks boring to perhaps weak. I have been too distracted by these 500% winners, which many many FUCKERS inside Stocklabs have nailed.

Back to trading.

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  1. edge

    BABA fighting over the 100dma. My favorite long.
    I didn’t make much on those fuckstick stocks but did better than those who bought around the top.

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  2. og

    Apple seems to have fucked a lot of tech with their new iOS no tracking update. Snapchat seems to have been the warning sign.

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