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There is a big move coming in markets — as we tightly coil and cavort into the close. All eyes will be on Asia tonight, with specific notice into the shares of Evergrande and Sunac — as CDS for both scams run higher the world will look on to see if Xi will backstop it all and take control of the situation or let it fester and collapse his fucking banking system.

Clearly, he’d be a fucking lunatic if her permitted FREE MARKET CAPITALISM take hold in his command economy. This is why, and this goes without saying, I am directionally very long — but with cash reserves, into what I suspect will be a fork in the road for the markets in 2021.

I am about 40% cash, +50bps, reticent to buy now and reticent to sell now — patiently waiting in the tall grass for a zebra to eat.

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  1. irma vep

    They always “get it” at the watering hole.

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