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A lot can happen from now until the close, but by the looks of it the good guys have won again — routing the brainless drones who keep selling short stocks. The narrative started with oil stocks thru the roof and the complete collapse of bubble stocks. There is still a pervasive weakness in those names presently; but on the all, the market has recovered.

As I write this, the Dow is +400, Nasdaq +110. My Bubble Basket of over-valued stocks is still down by 3%, but that’s well off the lows of -13%. The selling pressure has abated and it looks like the bears are being lined up now and sent to the City Square to have their testicles removed.

As such, Le Fly went all in, long stocks at 100%. I did this, not because I have an allegiance of the markets or because I like to support markets — but because I want to destroy shorts and make them pay for all of the anguish and suffering they have caused me and my family since I entered the business in 1997.

I would not be surprised to see stocks COLLAPSE into the close — clown raping me and many of you out there reading. However, the stock Gods have told me they’re amused by Friday rallies and might permit it to last, so with that I am in their hands, hopeful for the future, angry for the past.

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    Le Fly, could you explain Roku’s action today? Down 40 then up 40.

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