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The Stock Gods Favour Me Again

Last week I had a lapse in judgement when I cursed the stock Gods, mildly ribbed them for being cuckhold faggots. Since that time (Thursday), I have changed — became anew in the spirit of generosity and prosperity and have recanted my curses upon them. As I stand before you now towering, you must wonder “how does this man achieve all of this? How on earth is it possible?”

I am fueled by pure vengeance and rage. Literally nothing can ever stop me, as I am an immortal machine of profit — gallivanting freely with weapons in the stock market and chopping off heads for sport. Also, I am quite good at this. Also, my gains EXCEED 3% for the session, whilst the lot of you are mired in the amber of your own ignorance.

I’d offer help but you wouldn’t know what to do with it if I gave it to you. If you want my advice it is this: stop trading. This isn’t your business and you’re not cut out for it. You can make more being a waiter or a dishwasher. If you need ideas — eat the fish you are given in Exodus and shut up about it.

Midday fades are merely generational buying opps. I will be 100% long by the close.

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