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Markets Take Flight to Quality

We have a runaway NASDAQ, presently +180, yet all of the minions at Robinhood are having their dicks cut off for them. The reason for this is simple: men of stature and standing have allocated for the first of the month, in preparation of Xmas and have eschewed the vagrancy of penny stocks and other bubble names — particularly in the SPAC sector. The subsequent result is death for small fries and big dicked wins for those saddled with teracaps.

Tera cap breadth is 90%, up 1.5% for the session.

Penny stock breadth is 40%, down 0.25% for the session.

Bubble stocks are off by 2.5%, where FAANGT names are +2.9%.

You get the picture you fucking faggots?

I reallocated my quant today, added $10k to my long term portfolio, and also all but cleared out of my trading account — now 95% cash. I had sold FEAC, NBAC, HYRE, and BTBT this morning for gains of 10%, ranging to a loss of 13%. For the session, my trading is up 0.2%. Now that I’ve cleared my head and got the quant business out of the way, I will begin to fish again.

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