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Closed Out November In Extreme Style and Decadence

While some pretend to be any good at trading stocks, I actually do it in front of a captive audience. I closed out the month, draped in fire, recording my best returns since Spring — when I was barreling through the early COVID plays with +300% overnight gainers.

My trading account made a miraculous turn around the past week and change, from breakeven to +15.2% for November. My quantitive system returned a record high, using a new method, of +26.7%, and my new long term portfolio returned a genteel +13.2%.

I closed out the session 75% cash. Tomorrow I will re-shuffle the quant and add another $10 into the long term account, a monthly sojourn which will last for the next 36mos.


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  1. duuude


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  2. narcist

    It was another one of those Jesus Bought The Fucking Dip kind of day. The mother of all FOMO is still on track.

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  3. ha


    Crypto is going to suck the air out of the ‘store of value’ room.

    The Wallstreet fags think they will get it at lower prices. They figure it’s a whipped dog like gold; that they have kicked to the curb repeatedly for decades.

    WRONG asset fucked faces.
    They’ve never seen a truely limited asset before. Bring on the fomo!

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