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The Signs Are Everywhere — You Only Have to Look

I closed down 0.6%, after frenetically trying to day trade myself back to profit. I had a deeper hole earlier, thanks to a sinking OSTK position, which I permitted to drop below my -10% limit because I intend to double down on the position on Monday. I traded well and had a perfect streak — but still came up short.

CODX +8.5%
GSX +2.5%
VXRT +4.8%
MBIO +2.4%
WKHS +2.8%
KODK +3.2%

One could say I profited at will and indeed I would say it’s fair to make that declaration. Truth is, I have a tremendous advantage over all of you and no I am not going to boast of my IQ and innate abilities, but instead remind you that I am building a WORLD CLASS data platform for equities and have built in very fast tools that help me asses the market with ease and splendor.

Stocklabs will be launched sometime this decade.

So here we are again, attempting to find the seam for next week. Just look around and bear witness to the malevolency on this 19th anniversary of the WTC attacks. Nothing has changed and yet everything seems different.

Closing prices!

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  1. maxx2000

    Thanks for sharing, sir. Everyone thinks it’s so fuckin’ easy, but trading out of a shit storm hole is probably one of the hardest tasks in trading. Job well done. Thanks for a great blog and have a great weekend.

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  2. Po Pimp

    I was up today and found out I’m going to remain gainfully employed for the time being.

    In the words of the great Ice Cube, “Today was a good day.”

    And sorry about your previous Benz. But it’s funny because mine is still running like a champ. Then again I’m not dumb enough to buy a previously owned vehicle that God only knows what was done to it.

    But you do you.

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  3. Po Pimp

    “Stocklabs will be launched sometime this decade.”

    Have to admit, this was great and it’s why I still check in from time to time. Keep it real, dawg.

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  4. boyaj

    I see what you did there with blog title and the pic.. not easy to spot

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  5. moosh

    Not a shipper ticker yet to be seen?…

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  6. Mr. Cain Thaler

    So just saw the NKLA shitstorm. Thought I’d add my two cents.

    I know several Michigan engineers who used to work for Chrysler who went to NKLA including the guy who sort of spearheaded their migration to CATIA in the late 90s or early 00s (I forget exactly when).

    They’re designing cars not building a battery company, and half of the complaints seem to not understand that all automotive companies get most of their parts from 3rd party suppliers.

    Also the truck is real, they have real prototypes, the people building said truck are all experienced automotive guys mostly from Michigan who know how to make a car. The launch date is like less than 20 months away.
    The idea that GM entered into a massive arrangement with a car company that can’t build cars is retarded. These people aren’t that stupid.

    I have no idea what’s going on with the “rolled a truck down a hill” rumor- perhaps they did to create a concept video? – but the prototype truck runs I have a first hand eyewitness who told me they have seen it driving around the NKLA property.

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