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Listen to me. I will tell you what comes next. The god damned entire market is seconds from melting higher again. We’re stuck betwixt the perversion of men and the greed of women. Everything about the market is CLOWN world. For example, the market cap of TSLA is more than ALL of the auto makers in the world combined. When faced with these sort of realities, one cannot operate with normal decision making abilities. One must think completely outside the box and wonder what will happen next?

My winning streak ended at 10 for 10 this morning, forced to take two losses — one due to the overnight collapse in cryptos. I was long RIOT. The thing about cryptos is that you don’t have to worry about them, unlike stocks. With stocks, you can be raped at anytime. No one is safe and don’t you dare go to lunch when holding a portfolio of SPACs.

Life is grande, until it isn’t. My stated goal is to eventually destroy all of the millennial shit-head investors out there and fix them with large capital losses. But that comes later. For now, I am buying and selling things like an arab merchant at a bazaar.

Plenty of stocks gapped up and are lower by 4% now. Do not worry. Wait for the clowns to bid them up soon.

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  1. tradercaddy

    Pretty impressive turnaround of gold stocks after metals opened sharply lower (metals still lower).
    It seems like not everything goes up or down together (index wise).
    Growth up for a couple of days and value down.
    Then growth down but value up.
    My instinct is that there are plenty of bargains (energy, financials, etc.) but not in the large tech stocks.
    Perhaps value stocks will now put the metal to the pedal after years of under performing.

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  2. maxx2000

    TSLA clinging to 9 ema as if for dear life. Just Baillie Gifford and Elon taking a little of the table.. right? 21 ma at $375. Do the math. Robinhooders very definition of “weak hands”. Not so sure the clowns won’t be clownin’ right here. After the Q’s get raped everyone will be parroting “rotation” to look intelligent.

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  3. purdy

    Will this liquidity-fueled market get more fuel? ..more 1200 dollar stimulus checks, 600 dollar weekly bonuses, tax deferrals, and such? Trump concerns the people who run the place because he sometimes goes off script. And Biden can’t read the script. I wonder what they want.

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