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A Rough Week of Middling Mediocrity

So this is how the rest of you feel — lost in the gravy of the market — trying to run but your feet are ostensibly glued to the ground. Today I sold DUST for -9% and PLAY for +12% — both overnighters. Truth is, most of my trades the past two weeks have been middling to bad and I’ve been attempting to extricate myself from the morass of plebian living.

While I do relish the idea of my back being up against the wall, fighting the good fight, underdog persona, I’d much rather get back to 100% intra-day returns.

I’ve been trading stocks since I was a small boy, practically an infant. While you were jumping over fire hydrants and getting slam dunked at the park, Le Fly was reading the Wall Street Journal. I am equipped for the long haul and know, as a matter of fact and point, that it is only a matter of time before I break loose again — punching jaws of my enemies the fuck off.

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