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NO FEAR AGAIN! Markets Roar

A quick rundown of the news flow from today.

Hong Kong special treatment being nuked.

On all of this shit, Nasdaq ran from negative values to +120. Any questions? It’s a hard thing to believe in the tooth fairy — but that’s exactly what I am telling you to do. There is a fairy and she will visit you whenever you have a tooth for sale and she will give you thousands of dollars per tooth, or more. I bought a bunch of shit earlier this afternoon and have been busy building StockLabs for the people.

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  1. soupbone

    The orange fella is playing a very good game right here. He’ll be tough to beat. I’d say the orange fella is flowering now, the China stance is huge.

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  2. helicopter ben
    helicopter ben

    A large portion of the electorate is very pro-China, pro-globalism, and pro-welfare state. If you think his moves are good, you actually have to hope enough people think they aren’t bad.

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  3. tabika3570

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