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It’s Not All Bad

I once had lunch with someone about 10 years ago, very upscale NYC restaurant, discussing the stock market. He said “this is the most hated market ever” and those words always stuck to my ribs — because they rang true. When I was coming up in the business, late 90s, there were haters — but it was directed specifically against those darned internet bubble stocks with no earnings. Post 2008, it seems the hate is permanently fixed on just about every facet of the US economy and market.

Everything is rigged.

Everything is a lie.

Everything is manipulated.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Maybe it was always rigged and 2008 just allowed the veil to be translucent just for a brief moment. In about 10 years from now, no one will even remember the 2008 crisis.

Look at this chart.

You mean to tell me it’s all bad?

Some have been left behind — that much is clear. Some by hard luck, others malfeasance, others never had a chance. You were born low and couldn’t rise, not by circumstance, but just by your own limitations. I sympathize with you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t emulate others, heeding the advice of those who know better. From my vantage point much of the problem here has to do with stubbornness and hubris. You think you know more, better, possess some idiotic form of psychic ability. You’re chosen to see what others can’t — because we’re all idiots. It was meant to be. In your next lifetime you’ll be an Admiral in the US Navy. Everyone else is crazy.

All excuses.

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  2. soupbone

    That chart is rigged and manipulated for instance. But what pops to mind is the huge divergence between US markets and Euro markets performance. It’s like the US is the only place to catch a ride since years.

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