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WRITE THIS DOWN: Gold is Going to Recourd Highs

You see the market taking off and you’re elated by it. But what you don’t see is gold, pressing higher yet again with its retarded step-sister silver doting behind it. You do not understand why it’s going higher, but it vexes you. You aren’t curious, but instead angry by it. You take to Twitter to post stupid facts, such as gold is still underperforming stocks over the past 5 years and other like minded folks applaud you for it — because they’re angry at gold too. So many people are angry at this shiny metal that is higher by 440% over the past twenty years, all the while the buying power of your King Dollars have fallen by more than 60%.

But gold is stupid and it’s also for morons, but it’s up nonetheless. You and your stupid friends can do nothing about it. You get angry and piss your pants talking about it — but there is nothing you can do. The price of gold is going to recourd highs and you’ll have no options other than to watch in horror as people like me, and men of my ilk, profit from the denigration of your King Dollar and its stupid support system.


(At the time of this post, the author, Sir Fly, was 20% weighted in gold and gold miners in his quant and trading accounts. Good day, once again!)

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  1. acehood

    20%? Why not 120.

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  2. og

    Somebody tell me when ROKU stops going up.

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