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You don’t have to be ashamed to be a pathetic gold bug anymore. The dollar is being denigrated and gold is breaking noses to the upside and no one can stop it. You will hear via CNBC that ‘gold is for stupid fucking morons’ and that the only people who buy gold are ‘completely stupid and also assholes’; but let those people suck on your fumes as you rocketship into outerspace on your new lambo.

The next time someone tells you to sell your gold, you tell them to die in a fire — because now is the time to shine. Gold bugs have waited 7 long years, as stockFAGS got rich and fat. Even Bitcoin bros made some lambo money, all the while gold bugs hid in their dirt holes waiting for an opportune to scatter about for food.

I’m 20% weighted gold miners into tomorrow, dick swinging real low, gorilla balls the size of watermelons. I’d say ‘no fucks given’, but that’s sort of lame and played out. I’m into high octane, alpha trades, things that other people are scared of because fuck that.

Futures are soft tonight and everything else is a non-event. But tomorrow will be more of the same, grandiloquent madness towards new highs.

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  1. acehood

    How do you not link to Trinidad James, All Gold Everything here?

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  2. helen

    I sure hope you’re right! I don’t think it’s gonna be an easy week for the gold sector. Anticipation of ECB on Wednesday and the FED on the 31st will keep us range-bound. “Cocked and loaded” here hough…

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