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Fly Buys: $NUGT, $AU, $AYX, $HCLP, $PUMP

Markets are totally BOGGED today — but that’s ok. I like directional weakness in dollar and upwards tilt on gold. I bought NUGT, increasing position to max size, AU, AYX, HCLP and PUMP — the last two a play on fracking — late state, WTI over $60 plays.

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  1. hockey guy

    Fly, i remember HCLP being a high flyer in the PPT. Last year it moved up on serious dividend growth. Then they took the dividend from .60-.90/ year to $3.00. Then the cut it to zero, upon becoming a C-corp. stock went from $8.00- 16. To 3.xx now $4.XX
    This stock seems to be one of the most manipulated i’ve ever owned. Do you care to share your reasons for buying now? While i agree sand should be a no brainer currently, this stock never behaves normally.

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