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Raising Cash — Resisting the Temptation of Being a Bearshitter

I sold SSNC, HUYA, YEXT, and ZYNE for mixed bag of nuts. With some of the proceeds, I weighed into NUGT and made my position magnanimous — a 15% holding — maximum for me.

I want to buy inverse ETFs, conduct ritualistic sacrifices inside the Grande Druid Lodge, and oversee the markets dive back into misery. But that’s just me reflecting my own disapproval with my current state of affairs. Knowing this, I am going to remain in cash and permit the market to go down a day or two before acting.

Cannabis stocks are cracking under the pressure of a grande stupidity infectious to those who smoke blunts during the evening and buy securities in the day. The people who are long pot stocks are, mostly, the dumbest people on the face of the planet. This is a small side effect of cannabis — a deleterious raping of the mind by a drug being marketed as a cure-all for any ailment presently trending across the healthcare community.

Need a heart transplant?

No problem — smoke some pot and you won’t need one. The heart will heal itself.

Look you, I don’t have time for this shit. Let’s just agree on one salient point.

NO ONE IS WATCHING GOLD. You should be watching it. You should also look at the chart, really look at it. LOOK AT IT.

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  1. edge

    Holding NUGT and GDX calls. Plenty for the gold bugs to obsess over. I think they’re mostly full of shit and just plain wrong but I’ll be glad to take their money, which they foolishly claim to be worthless.

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  2. stkfulano

    hey man, I resent that tone on the evening smoking and the day buying, we need to GET STONED together so I can show you

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