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Buy Fear; Sell Greed — Rinse and Repeat

I find myself in a unique position this evening — super defensive because of my methods, but mentally bullish AF. This is a discipline that most of you can’t relate to, having grown up in the weeds from poor families and surviving off cheese crackers most of your adult lives. It’s important to have beliefs and passions, but more important to adhere to the rules. Rules and laws are what separate western might from the savage east. We must always remember to sell our stocks when they go down; but if afforded a position to buy panics — do so with great vigor.

At the close of trading, I placed 10% of my account in TNA, which is equal to having a 30% position in insanity. My cash position in my trading account is now 50%, which provides me with a very beautiful cash position to draw from, if and when the unwashed masses decide to create a mania and reduce their account values to zero.

Over in my quantitative account, naturally, I am 100% invested. As a matter of fact, I am 120% long, as 20% went to a margin purchase of SPY.

In conclusion, you’re young and mostly stupid people, unable to grasp simple concepts. I’m an anomaly and have always been one and will survive any and all market squalls. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch Commodore Fly produce magic acts for the masses and then cash in and pretend it was all you.

Good nite.


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