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Come See Me Do Something Stupid — Like Buy a Stock Back 27 Points Higher From Where I Sold It Last

On July 26th, 2018, I sold APPF a touch over $67, booking a 3 point profit. The trade languished and took 9 days to complete, far too long for a top hatted gent such as myself.

Fast forward to today, I stepped in and bought APPF, the same stock that offered me little bounty last go around, for $90.35. I did so because I’m interested in $100 rolls now. I’d buy TEAM too, but felt this one would be more comical, considering how much lower I sold it.

Why should I care if the stock is higher from where I sold it? I couldn’t care two fucks about, one way or another.

With today’s hundy roll purchases, I am truly out of cash, in the streets, broke — fucked forked radish.

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