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Improve Your Lives — Start Your Exodus Free Trial Now

Markets are crashing and you’re drifting oarless into the current with your backs turned. We fixed the logic that prohibited former users gaining access to Exodus. Providing you haven’t trialed or been a member of the platform within the past 6 months, you can start your free trial today for a period of 7 days.

Believe you me, you’re gonna need this platform in order to stat afloat during these arduous times.

Here are some reviews by our members, attesting the unbelievable grandeur of the platform.

“Yo Fly, this is Jackobee from Canada. I’ve been a member for about 3 months now and because of the gains enjoyed, thanks to you and your wondrous software, I just got married to a gold digging whore.

With love from a very frigid area of the world,

J from Halifax”

Here’s another.

“Hello Fly. Thanks to Exodus I was able to quit my 7 figure job and trade full time with the money I’ve made at that 7 figure job. Using your system, I was able to feel good about myself and am no longer interested in using drugs or becoming an alcoholic.

Cordially sober,

Katie from Minnesota”

This is one of my favs.

“Fly, I love you man. Fuck, I was at college and trading using Exodus and because I made so much money, I was able to quit college and travel the world with my friends. My parents think I’m nuts, but I’m rich bitch!

Outrageously Carefree,

John from Jersey Islands”

Last one. If this doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

“Fly, I was so bankrupts after following Cramer’s advice on CNBC, I literally wanted to throw myself into a lit fireplace. I’d stare into the flames, robed with a burlap cloth, thinking ‘I really need to do this.’ Then by happenstance, I stumbled onto one of your tweets about you threatening to kill someone over questioning your cooking skills and I was hooked. I began a free trial and then subscribed and then sold my personal belongings and lived out of a fucking homeless shelter, in order to trade stocks. My thought process was like ‘I was literally going to throw myself into a lit fireplace; how bad could a homeless shelter be?’ After just two months using Exodus, I was able to leave the shelter and buy a small condo in Miami overlooking the ocean.

I owe you my life and would kill for your honor.

Happy and enjoying oceans views,

Oscar from Miami Beach”

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