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Using Exodus to Stay On Top of Trends

In this day and age, if you’re still sifting thru thousands of charts per night, you should kill yourself. With the advent of modern technology, we at Exodus endeavor to save you time, which as you know is the most valuable commodity.

Many people are familiar with Sharpe ratios and I know you advisorFAGS live by it when discussing your bullshit “investment plans” to unsuspecting prospects. I’ve taken said ratio and power charged it in Exodus, in order to demonstrate progression. In other words, the Sharpe ratio is, more or less, a technical indicator. When using the 252, the annual and industry standard version, it is NOT sensitive to short term fluctuations in price. If you only live by it, you will miss out on trends.

In Exodus, we have a technical score, which is very short term, intra-day to 3 business days. It can show you what is trending and we measure the delta too, by way of “Hybrid Daily Change.” But the technical score will not show you rotation, which usually takes 1-2 weeks to notice. But, by tweaking the durations on the Sharpe, we can capture that shit, AND MORE. We can take note of progression — the subtle but consistent improvement or deterioration of the Sharpe score — indicative of rotation.

Have a look, fucked face.

Here is the Dow 30, a basket I created in Exodus. I sorted our shortest term Sharpe ratio from worst to best and GS made it to the top of the pack. It doesn’t mean GS is doomed, but only that the risk adjusted return is somewhat fucked as of late. If you’re curious in shorter term analysis, gawk at the technical score for improvement or perhaps a mean reversion. GS might become “oversold” and the system will pick up on that and provide users will backtesting data to make an informed decision.

Note the top short term Sharpe in the Dow is MRK and XOM.

Here’s a basket I created showing old man stocks that were underperforming in the bull market. That has changed in recent weeks, as it has handedly outperformed the market. Look at the bottom right for performance data. If you look closely at the Sharpe ratios from left to right, you will see the steady improvement in scores. Very soon, these scores will be positive and then SharpeFAGS will chase these stocks even higher.

Yes, you can try the platform for free — for 7 days. We are building in logic that will accept users who’ve tried the platform inside of the previous 6 months. If you’re blocked for some reason, email at Flybroker at gmail  and I’ll set you up.


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    Exodus, for the rest of us.

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  2. teslawasright

    Fly – seriously when is G-O-L-D going to double overnight?

    Trade war = price increases + all of the increased money supply (inflation) now to hit the markets finally after being redirected/sterilized. (Stagflation Nation)


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