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The revival of $AIG

With real estate related stocks going back up almost every week, you have to admit that $AIG will have to come roaring back eventually.  Yes, it was mortally wounded before but it was brought back to life from near death by our esteemed Gov’t doctor.  I see $AIG is walking here and there and doesn’t look like it is dying.  What you say?

Hence, I bought a starter position on $AIG; maybe even for a long-term hold, what say you?

Below is the $AIG daily chart:



Both indicators below are turning up!  Did I mention that $AIG is in the “smart-money” list provided by The Fly earlier?

Below is the daily chart ETF-real estate $IYR:



Look at that uptrend! Woo! Woo!

My 2 cents.

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  1. raul3

    I like it, and am long for many of the same reasons.

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    • Zenhunter

      Good to hear you are in the same bus. It will be a long ride to Mount AIG. Did you bring some oxygen? I hear the air is thin at the top… 🙂

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