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The battle at Giant Wall 1

Breaking news from ZENews!  Sally Comegetme is on location reporting…

“Zen, we have a fierce battle going on here but I can see the Bull is putting a strong defense.  From where I stand, I can see the Bull is still fighting in the proximity of the Giant Wall 1 and the Bear could not move the bull away from the wall.”

Without warning, an arrow zipped right through b/w Sally and the cameraman and almost threw the cameraman off balance to the ground.  The camera was accidentally pointed to the sky for a brief seconds during the tumble and we could see a dragon flying its way down to the bear camp with fire shooting from its mouth.

“Whoa! Is that a dragon I just saw?”

“Yes, but they are friendly to to the Bull, Zen.  Wow!  Did you see that Zen, the Bear camp just light up like a Christmas tree!   Way to go, dragon-bull!”

Without warning, the connection was cut and we lost the picture of Sally.

Well, look like the Bull may be able to come back on this one.  If you look at the SPY weekly chart below, we are forming a doji bar right at the Giant Wall 1 support.  In other words, the support is holding.


The daily chart below doesn’t look too bad either.  I like the longer tail at the bottom; this signify the bull is making a valiant fight back.


Zen out.

My 2 cents.


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This is what you may feel when you follow someone’s trading style that is not your own

Watch the video first and you will know what I mean.

Imagine the race-car driver is the trader you follow.  Can you handle his driving style (trading style) in the Camaro (type of stock)?

You see how the race-car driver spins the car so skillfully (aka cut his loss or lock in profit quickly) when he comes to an obstacle (aka consolidating price action or sudden spike up in volatility) that appear in the front?  Meanwhile, all you can do is scream, “We are going to crash!  It’s too late!  Help!” (aka “I can’t take my loss now, I want my money back! or “If I take profit now, I’ll miss the boat when the stock keeps going up!”)

That is why when you see someone throws out a few picks, you need to find one that “fits” your personal style.  Not all stocks are treated equal.  Believe it or not, stock does exhibit personality.  You just need to know its mood to decide when is the right time to buy or sell.

I will delve deeper on this topic next time.

My 2 cents.

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Alert! Alert! Giant Wall 2 is being breached! Alert! Alert!

Breaking news from ZENews… directly from location, Sally Comegetme, our correspondent, is interviewing concerned investors and excited traders alike regarding the breaching of the Giant Wall 2 which has been out of sight and out of mind for the last 6 years.

Sally grabbed the 1st concerned investor who looked like he was about to pee on his pant.

“Sir, what are your thought on this Giant wall 2 being breached?”

“We can’t breach the wall!  It is sacred!  The white walker is on the other side!”

“Sir, White walker?” Sally obviously did not have cableTV.

“Hey, party girl! Wanna watch the wall breaching with me?” the excited trader jumped in front of Sally, “I’m long big time!  I’m long!” the excited trader winked at Sally.

Ignoring the trader, Sally grabbed the 2nd concerned investor.

Do you think the Giant Wall 2 can be breached?”

“We are at the TOP!  We gonna fall!  Oh my God!” Sally could not believe her eyes when the concerned investor ran off like his ass was on fire.

“The 3rd time is the CHARM!” an excited trader sang to Sally while putting his arm around her waist, “we are going over and we will make history together…”  Sally removed the hand of the trader and gave him a stern look.

Turning back to the cameraman, Sally gave her brief commentary:

“There seems to be a lot of excitement about the wall being breached.  Based on what I’ve seen so far, we have some people who do not believe the wall can be breached or that the wall should be breached; on the other hand, I’ve some very excited and naughty people who are ready to party all night to witness the wall breaking event.  The excitement is palpable.  By the look of it, and my being so near the wall, my 2 cents is that the wall will be fully breached by end-of-day tomorrow.  There seems to be so much energy behind the wall and I just don’t see how the wall can hold any longer. I’m going to stay here to witness the milestone event.  Back to you, Zen.”

“Thank you Sally.”

Well, there it is.  If you will look at the monthly chart below, you can see price action is practically touching the wall.  This is truly an event of the Century.  Stay tune and we will bring you back the funny news from Sally Comegetme when the wall is finally breached.  Zen out.


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