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Looking into the mind of …

What is the purpose of blogging anyway?

You want to share your thought, your opinion, your personal favorites, etc.

But are you sharing your superficial thoughts, stale opinions or are you sharing your experience that can resonate to others so that they can say, “Yeah, don’t I know it.  Glad to know how this guy resolves this ….”

Why am I blogging here?

I’ve come a long way to trading the way I’m trading now.  When I started, I wished I could read the blog of a seasoned trader and see how he/she traded each day and the thought that went into each trade.  I don’t want to hear someone “crying” over their bad trades or the “bad lucks” they are stuck with; and I sure don’t want to hear somebody beating their chest because they have one good trade that is based on unacceptable risk.

I wanted to read how the trader get him/herself out of a trade; good or bad.  When I discovered iBankCoin, I said to myself, “This is what I’ve been looking for!”

The Fly basically bares his soul and his trades for all to see.  If he has a bad trade, we witness the pain he is going through and his resolution to get out of his dilemma.  We may not agree to his action and resolution but you can’t dispute the fact that he opens his door for you to look into his mind.

To see The Fly’s willingness to share in his own creative way triggers my desire to do the same thing.

And that is why I’m blogging the way I am.  Basically, I time-stamp each trade I make (under the comment area) so anyone can reconstruct my trading activities and deduce whether I make money or not.  I may not time-stamp to the exact minute but I do so within a reasonable time frame so that you know my dollar is at risk.

I believe I’ve moved pass the “fear” factor that used to paralyze me at time of execution.  Do you remember the time when you’ve seen a technical signal screaming at you to execute; but you just could not act?  I’ve been there.

Now, I just take the signal and place my stop loss target.

Blogging is just my way to remind myself to stay calm, to pay attention, and to be responsible for each trade I make because someone is watching.  There is no better “outside force” than here since I know I’m not the only one exposing myself in my trades.

Trading is simple but difficult to execute.  My goal is the follow the price action and trade accordingly so that you can see that it is really not that difficult at all if you get yourself out of the way.

How do you get yourself out of the way?

Well, vote for me and I’ll demonstrate along the way…

Trade well.

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  1. zenhunter

    Bought starter position on RIMM. I like the morning kick-off in positive territory..

    Added DDD, same reason as RIMM.

    Begin to build position on SZYM. I know, this one has been a difficult one to catch; but the technical indicators seem to reflect that a bottom hes been reached.

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  2. zenhunter

    Dumped my position on RIMM & DDD to take small losses. I don’t like the fact that after 10:00am EST, the market turns for the worst.

    Now holding only AMRN LRAD USU EMAN SZYM & 58% cash.

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  3. zenhunter

    Bought AAPL for a “catching-the-falling-knife” play with stop at intra-day low.

    Bought RIMM starter position @ $12.09; I was away so I was late to the table. But the momentum looks positive for more upside.

    Bought back DDD; it didn’t drop big today so there is still probability of an upside.

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  4. zenhunter

    Bought a small starter position on SSYS. If price open down tomorrow, I will be out.

    Due to lack of big downside move on DDD & SSYS, I like to keep a position on in case of surprise upside move which is the trademark of DDD & SSYS.

    Yes, they also have surprise downside move as well- double-edge sword so to speak…

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