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You can read this article, but you won’t learn anything. I already knew the answer, if you want the best tasting beer with the least amount of calories it is Sam Adam’s light hands down. Now, I want to try some Sorghum beers but I there isn’t a Sorghum IPA, and most don’t list the calories. So, if you want to drink beer but not have a big ass boiler attached to your abdomen, go with light lagers and pilsners. As delicious as wheat beers are, and even when they are low in alcohol, they are still very high in calories. Some other options are light English pales and bitters, that are light in booze, but generously hopped, still going to be slightly higher in calories then the pilsners or lagers, but with twice the flavor. Happy drinking.


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  1. How about a Hefe Weizen like Tucher?

    • I can’t find an accurate source for calories, they seem to vary between 100-170, which if its at the lower end would be great. Most of the reviews are only so-so. Is it really hazy?

  2. I was not able to find exact calories either but it seems to be on the lower end and they have a decent amount of alcohol. They are hazy but worth a try for summer beer.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion dude, I usually only drink American brewed, with the occasional Belgian, or British Isles. Hazy usually means unfiltered, high in calories, and the higher the ABV usually means more calories. Perhaps they are using a low gravity German yeast I am unfamiliar with that is not efficient at converting sugars to alcohol?

  4. I will have to read some more to find out the calories. If my blubber tire is any indication I am guessing the Hefe Weizen is not low calorie.

  5. In somewhat related news, I decided to purchase the Lagunitas IPA based on your recent recommendation for a BBQ that we are throwing tomorrow in honor of our eminent departure from the PNW.

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an idiot when it comes to beer (I don’t drink very often), so it’s always nice to provide the guests with a pleasant surprise.

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