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Stock Madness

Welcome everybody, to the first annual Stock Madness Tournament. I will need everyone to check in and make sure your information is correct. If you did not make the cut, “So Sorry.” Tournament kicks off Monday at 9:30am (ET), get your popcorn ready!

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MBI is the winner!

Correction: Due to the delay in prices, thanks to [[GOOG]] 2nd tier finance page, [[MBI]] is the winner.

Congrats Zip Mcdingle, whoever you are. Final Results

Note: Wathen came in a close 2nd with his late pick in [[TSO]], if I should win, I will share the prize with Mr. Wathen.

Update: After having a discussion with the president, employee #8 has been entered into the tournament. Somebody will be kicked off shorty. Bracket will be finalized Sunday night.


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Click here to watch playoff

Check out what Jim Mora has to say (Remix video):

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWXBxghasp4&feature 450 300]

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DFS: Bought @ 14.70

Sold @ 14.85. The market is too weak, decided to take the trade off.

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