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$BA Back On The Momentum Scan; Here Are Your Tickers To Watch This Week…

Just when you think we can’t go any higher, you get names like $BA back on the momentum scan. We can use today’s low as a stop, a place to manage risk:


$SDGE, another name on Monday’s momentum scan, has my attention after pulling back from $100. Same rules apply here, stop under today’s low:


Solar panels, of all things, continue to work in the environment, with $FSLR, $SPWR, & $JKS all making Monday’s scan. Watch for continued strength here in the industry, both FSLR & JKS are ripe for the picking:


Looking for a Cannabis play? $CGC is your best of breed ticker and setting up once again from the momentum scan. Keep the name on watch this week:


There are more great looking charts, including $ROKU, in today’s momentum scan. But, make sure to check your earnings dates, I believe $ROKU reports on Wednesday after the close. For a full look at Monday’s Momentum scan, all 200+ tickers: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

Here are a few important dates from Earnings Whispers:

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