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Happy Lundi Gras; March Madness Begins…

If you did not have a green day today in the market, I can’t relate. Coming into the day long the NNVC eased any pressure I was feeling due to market sell-off, Dow down 1000 points. Couple that with a nice $SOXS position and Lundi gras, the day before Fat Tuesday, turned into a great day.

Friday’s NNVC buy:

SOXS sell:

You could say the Exodus chat room had our very own Mardi Gras today, with The Fly throwing out the goods all day long: From SPCE to CODX to the almighty COCP. Indeed, it was a day filled with unlimited King Cake.

Mardi Gras is upon us gentlemen, so no watchlist tonight– it would be unethical. But, the first week of the March Madness tourney is underway. The brackets have been updated and are now live, go ahead and bookmark the following link: March Madness Bracket 

Good luck all.

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