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A Rundown Of The Top 50 (Labor Day Edition)

Good morning readers. I hope many of you are enjoying a nice three day weekend, with a fine adult beverage. According to the (Top 50), inside Exodus, here is what most Americans will be doing this weekend:

Upon rising, many housewives will realize they are in need of a few items for the weekend and make a lazy trip over to the nearest dollar General (DG). Once that trip is over, they will mosey on over to (ULTA) beauty supply, and spend a fortune without even batting an eye. They will justify the spending from the savings they made over at $DG.

While, the wives are out doing that, the husbands will be at Dick’s sporting goods (DKS), looking for shit to buy to counteract the feeling they have that the wife is spending all the money. If nothing can be found at Dick’s, then it’s Tractor supply (TSCO) to buy some manly shit.

The less fortunate will feel the need to treat themselves this week after slaving for 70 hours on bullshit pay, they will end up at Aaron’s (AAN). They will likely buy some ugly furniture on some lease-to-own type plan, only to have it repossessed by next Labor Day.

The millennials are likely on Tinder right now or some other dating app (MEET), looking for some fresh meat to have fun with this weekend. Once they have “swiped right”, they will head on over to Express (EXPR) for a new outfit, likely on some bullshit store credit card.

The young kids are back to school, so for some, it is shopping at Shoe Carnival (SCVL). Again, women will save so much money on shoes at the Carnival, that they they feel entitled to new shoes themselves from Steve Madden (SHOO). It’s really fucked up, buy your kids some fresh new Nike’s, dammit.

Some kids will not be having any of the Shoe Carnival and throw a tantrum to take them to Zumies (ZUMZ), their enabling parents will agree and buy them all sorts of hipster things, maybe even a skateboard. As far as the old people, some will go to Sleep number and purchase a new bed via $SNBR. Some will get healthy the holistic way, at Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (NGVC). And, some will go straight to the hospital ($UHS) for not taking care of themselves over the course of their life.

My advice: Enjoy the weekend, life is short. Once the weekend is over, get a fitness plan together, and start investing in yourself– if not already. Stop buying meaningless shit, and save more money. Make better decisions so you don’t end up at $AAN or $AAP. Learn ways to invest your money (EXODUS), apparently it is the thing to do, even $ICE is enjoying a spot in the top 50.

Happy Labor Day all! The top 50 stocks inside Exodus can be found HERE.

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