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Exodus Scores a Monster Month — YTD Gains Now Exceed +13%

Now that I’m no longer in the business, I relish the idea of destroying financial advisory firms, leaving them in tatters and also in ruins. Naturally, if you adopt my quantitive models or your own inside Exodus — you are exempt from my wrath and I’ll also assist you in using it to raise assets.

All that aside, I’m proud to announce the Exodus Quant Alpha Strategy crushed the market again in August, netting a return over 5% — more than 200bps better than the SPY. If you’re curious about it and want to know how I’m doing it — take a free trial and request a demo. I’ll talk your ear off about it and extol its virtues live and in person.

Here are the returns per month, YTD.

August: 5.1% (not final)
July: 2.25%
June: -0.41%
May: +4.5%
April: +1.04%
March: +0.5%
February: -6.1%
January: +6.1%

Net return YTD: +13.2%
SPY return: +8.6%

My active account is up much more than that and I enjoy doing it a lot more — but this isn’t designed for outrageous returns, simply an unemotional approach to asset management using big data and AI to navigate markets, in an attempt to trend follow as well as front run big asset allocations.

So far, so good.

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    NASDAQ 100 index is up 19.7% ytd and 5.8% in August…

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