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Yoga Pants Are Back, And So Is Momentum

At least for today. Whether it’s yoga pants via $LULU, or smoking weed via $CGC, or watching movies via $NFLX, the short sellers feel the blade today.

Our Momentum screen inside Exodus is firing on all cylinders. For those that care to take a look at today’s results? I’ve imported them to finviz for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE.

My favorite Charts to watch from today’s screen include:


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  1. indie

    Canadians are on roll!!

    $WEED (Saas)
    $SHOP (pot)
    $LULU (brand)


    forget about oil. Future is canadian.

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  2. mrcharlie

    Thanks Cajun, I dig these posts! What you think about CHRS?? I been in that sucker for a while, looks like September/October is their time for reckoning haha

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