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What Stocks To Watch Today

The market is in limbo here, but green. You can almost feel the struggle between both bulls and bears. We are currently holding just below the 50 day moving average on the S&P 500, but bulls look determined to recapture the average. It’s still anyones game.

As for stocks to watch today? I have my eye on RENN, PLUG, AAOI, CLVS, GOGO, & WATT

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  1. Terry M

    Noticed the (NYC) coin is giving away 10mil nyc coins to a local singer/celeb as a spokesperson. Been watching them for some time, they have a diff business model and seems interesting with so many stores taking there currency.

    I know alot new yorkers play the markets,
    Anybody from New york tried buying food or retail items with them yet?
    How are the merchants accepting coins? Do they have a dedicated terminal or they just use regular wallets with qrcodes?

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