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Right On Cue

Check out the title of my last post. Twitter & FireEye trending higher? For anyone trading in 2015-16, you know the agony associated with the two names. That headline deserved to trigger a market sell-off, no?

Things are not all that bad though. Indeed, the Chinese lotto is still in full swing with today’s winner being $CYOU. That daily chart is a thing of beauty. Or, how about my stock of the year, $NTDOY? Bulletproof.

Then there’s the Trump tickers, like letter $X. I’m underwater in my recent position from $21, but I can’t help but think this is a buy sub $20. Same goes for $CLF, I’m tempted. It was all good just a day ago, no? This too shall pass.

Summary: It’s not all that scary out there; just peak insanity from Washington DC.

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  1. Scoots McGoots
    Scoots McGoots

    Trump Fatigue …. and when there’s really news that matters, we’ll be so ‘chicken littled’ out nobody will pay attention. And that my friend is when we’ll see the real 600 pt drops in a series of days!

    2007-09? Happened so fast by the time the average Joe even realized, he was FTK’ed

    Speaking of.. that was Fly’s greatest call!

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  2. matt_bear

    my stock of the year candidate is having a go as well.

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  3. Heckler

    Did you pick anything up? I grabbed some MRVL at the close. Had a good run with her to start the year. I had cash so hard not to buy on a day like today

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