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As we head into the final hour of trade, here’s a look at the top hybrid movers inside Exodus. It’s been a while since we’ve had nearly 200 tickers from this screen, could this be the breakout we’ve been waiting for?

On thing is for certain, the following names from today’s screen all look good for further upside: NE, COP, CVX, AG, TJX, PENN, SHOO

$NVDA, which topped today’s screen, is helping the bull case leading the semiconductor stocks higher. Oil and Gold names also litter today’s screen, let’s see if this is more than a one day bounce. Today’s full screen can be found HERE .

What are you guys trading here?

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  1. Jay

    Thanks for the list RC. Speaking of semi’s I just picked up a few shares of TSM yesterday. I think that one has been breaking out nicely on the weekly chart.

    It’s also interesting to see shares of NVDA back at the highs. I’ve ridden it a couple times on this bull run, most recently getting stopped out $104 a few months ago. If it closes the week strong though it could certainly be worth another go. Thanks again for sharing your ideas!

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