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$2,000 Stock Contest Update

As we countdown the final few days of 2012, let’s take a look at the leaderboard of our 5 year anniversary stock team contest. It appears Falcontrader and Sax will be taking home the grande prize of $2,000.

Second place is still up for grabs.



Side note:┬áhere’s an update on our stock of the year contest, CLICK HERE FOR FULL LEADERBOARD


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  1. I call for stipulations beyond 12631 as I picked whatever stocks had the best gains long or short.

    Jokes aside, thanks to iBC crew for this as it made for a fun follow with updated posts by RC.

  2. hey rc – regarding the stock of the year, any reason why divvies aren’t included? Wnr has issued (i believe) $1.82…

    please let me know.

  3. Hi RC
    Could you please update my entry for LEN – change the initials AK to my handle akflyer, thanks

  4. Wow! If the divvie is allowed we’ve got a tight race to the finish DJMarcus!