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Top Idea For 2013

Oil, aka Black Gold, aka devil’s tar, aka Texas tea, aka Cousin Earl. I feel so strong about it, I want leverage, so I’m making $UCO my top idea in 2013

Here’s a look at a multi-year weekly chart in crude oil. I love the spot here on the lower trendline making the trade easy to manage. If oil falls much below $80/barrel I will have to reevaluate this thesis, but as of now, I’m going long oil in size in 2013.

Note: Fly’s top pick for 2013 can be found HERE.



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  1. Heaterman

    Fracking is going to turn the oil market upside down. No?

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  2. Honolulu Trader

    2013 Supply vs Demand?

    I would love to be a oil bull in 2013.
    Right now, I’m not.


    I will be looking for trading
    oppurtinties in uco/sco in 2013 .

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