Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend


Some of my highest traffic posts come from updating you guys on Tim Tebow’s current girlfriends. Sad, I know.

Tim Tebow’s Girlfriends

Tim Tebow’s Girlfriends (Updated)

I figured, I better give you an update on his main squeeze, since you all seem to care based on traffic statistics. Enter actress Camilla Belle. What do you guys think better than his past girlfriends?

To me he is getting soft, settling for only one woman. You’re losing your touch Tebow. But, she’s not bad at all, you go boy.

7 Responses to “Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend”

  1. I guess she’s as good a beard as anyone

  2. Less stocks… More Tebow babes!

  3. FWIW, your traffic would easily go up at least 100x more if she was topless. Just don’t tell Fly.

  4. how many kids has she swallowed?

  5. Well if Camille belle is the picture on top, then she’s 100x better than the previous gf’s link.

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