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Technological Tips that Make Management a Breeze

Office management involves the ability to handle various tasks and responsibilities of that capacity. A good Office Manager is the one who ensures that all he deals with all the duties of the office responsibly. The core duty of an Office manager is to control and improve the logistics within the office to ensure support for all employees of the enterprise. An Office Manager also controls checkbook IRA for every employee. As an Office Manager, you take up various tasks such as being the office shopper, overseer, financial advisor and event scheduler.


An office manager cannot manage all the roles that are involved in office management unless he has employed sophisticated office management software and tools. This factor makes office management enjoyable and easy to handle.


The following are some of the most useful office management tools that can help you to improve your management skills in an office.


The Scrum Board

This tool is popularly known for software businesses. It is a management strategy that allows enterprises to adapt to changes quickly and also reduce unhealthy lagging. Jeff Sutherland established this style in 1993, and it has been used by various organizations such as government agencies and car companies to achieve their goals. The tool enables companies to attain their planned programs within the set timelines. Scrum involves the following steps.

  • Hurries that are aimed at reaching the project’s milestone. This process takes a maximum of two weeks.
  • Monitoring of all the elements of the projects by use of daily stand-ups.
  • A scrum board. This function is meant to trace the progress of every department regarding completion of the project.
  • Continuous advancement of the project objectives to ensure that the customer’s needs and desires are met.


Customer Relationship Management Insightly

A business will have to serve customers regardless of it being a B2C or B2B. It may sound impossible to keep track of all the business customers, but Insightly gives you the ability to manage all of them efficiently. The tool enables you to organize all of your clients and also allows you to manage projects. Additionally, Insightly can detect every social media account that is associated with your customers’ email addresses. The application brings all your clients’ information in one place and the long run, you get some easy tasks in the office.


Hipmunk for Travel

Everyone finds it easy to organize for their traveling programs. It becomes complex when as an Office Manager, the company requires you to plan for a travel program of a section of employees. It is a different, arduous duty. Fortunately, Hipmunk makes everything easy for you in this case. The tool advertises thousands of hotels and flight while comparing them from various sources. The App allows to compare the flight and also directs you to the location of the hotel that you booked. The style also allows you to purchase a package. This puts your trip into a one-easy transaction.


Amazon Business

Ordering products needed for office management is probably one of the hardest and tiresome exercises in office management. Some of the products that are always used in an office include notepads, printer inks, and company jumpsuits. Amazon Business is the best helper for you when it comes to ordering office products. Amazon offers you free two-day shipping and allows you to open numerous accounts that can be used by other employees to purchase goods.


HootSuite for Social Media Management

You may not be tasked with the responsibility of managing your company’s social media as an Office Manager, but it is imperative to keep an eye on the things that are posted on the accounts. In such an instance, HootSuite can become all that you need. The App enables you to schedule various posts of more than 35 networks. It can also allow you to monitor how the company’s posts are doing and check what people post about the company.


All the tools that are discussed in this article are essential to tackle various roles in office management. A combination of them can make the exercise a real breeze. Make a wise choice of the ones that best fit for the tasks you are responsible for as an Office Manager in your particular company.

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How Cloud computing is Affecting Our Everyday Lives

When it comes to new disruptive technologies that are taking the world by storm, one phrase has been the subject of more controversy than any other: cloud computing. Cloud technology has driven endless debates, led to many arguments in IT departments and left many in the tech industry deeply bewildered. However, there is growing interests by both small enterprises and big corporation on this technology. More and more companies are no moving their elements into the cloud. In layman’s terms, the cloud is a network of thousands of virtual computer serves that are located in many geographical locations and can store information and can be accessed remotely.


We have also bought the idea to store our personal information using cloud computing as a means of digital loss prevention. Such avenues that are supported by the cloud include Facebook, iCloud and Dropbox. Cloud computing has enabled businesses to do away with the traditional means of data storage such as flash drives, hard disks and floppy drives that are prone to damage and expensive to maintain. Business owners can access company information remotely without having to travel to the company premises physically. All you need to access such data is a mobile device and internet access. In this article, we are going to highlight how cloud computing has affected our lives today.



There are numerous reasons why the use of cloud computing is gaining pace in the healthcare industry. Some of these examples include the management of non-siloed patient information and how to share it with the different stakeholders. These include the patient’s, medical practitioners, and the hospital management as well. Patients can quickly go through their diagnosis, prescription and treatment data and follow up with check-ups. This is critical in the reduction of operational costs such as the storage of data using the conventional means. Both patients and doctors can access such information using pervasive devices such as smartphones and tablets from any geographical location with internet access. Cloud technology has enabled healthcare institutions to create a conducive environment that complies with the regulations that have been set by the Accountability Act and the Health insurance Portability Act.


Smart Homes

The tech giant Google acquired a home automation company known as Nest last year. The company specializes in the manufacturing of Wi-Fi-enabled and self-learning smoke detectors and thermostats. Several months later, Google Nest Labs announced that it was going to acquire Dropcam. Dropcam is a startup that specializes in home-monitoring security cameras that uses cloud computing technology to store its footage. Homeowners with this application can check on the security of their homes from anywhere in the globe at any time of the day or night. In the near future, we are going to have houses and smart homes where everything is connected using cloud technology. Automatic lights and thermostats lead to increased energy efficiency wrapped up with some element of convenience. With such technologies, we are going to have home security systems that arm themselves once the owner has left. Consequently, the appliances in your homes will send updates and send an alert whenever there is any need for maintenance.



Institutions of higher learning have been so fast in the realization of the benefits of cloud computing. As a result, they have engaged in the adoption of this technology for various reasons. With the cloud, students can access information and reading material from any geographical location on the planet at any time. The students will also have the ability to enroll in online degree programs and engage in group discussions virtually. Universities and colleges have also realized the importance of combining business processes to streamline the subscription of online courses, assignments tracking and class enrollments. This is critical in the reduction of educations expenses. These institutions can store vast quantities of data and information that is securely generated on a daily basis without the need to have a sophisticated data storage infrastructure.

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Understanding Summer Sales

In the summertime, there are more homeowners and individuals looking to buy products than ever. Sales companies take advantage of these facts with smart marketing strategies that lead to incredible sales.


Door to Door

Door to door sales companies are often some of the most effective in the industry. During the summer, many people stay at home in the luxury of sweet air conditioning. They will be extremely apt to open the door and listen to your sales pitch. Summer sales companies hire young marketers who are positive influences on homeowners. If you have a loud voice and are willing to make yourself noticed, you will be a prime target for sales companies. Door to door sales usually pay extremely well overall, and if your sales are high, you have the potential for further bonuses.



Online sales companies also thrive during the summertime. Because students are out of school and are browsing the internet during their spare time, there is huge potential for sales on the web. If you are competent with computers and social media, summer sales companies will definitely want you as well. By using promotional media, businesses are able to advance their products. This system usually consists of one person pushing the advertisements and a team of workers monitoring the ad. When it reaches maximum traffic, they will include additional sales offers that are nearly irresistible.


Street Sales

Some summer sales companies that are affiliated with stores or malls prefer street sales as opposed to door to door sales. You will be stationed at a busy intersection where you can expose a maximum number of people to the product. This is very similar to street sales, but people come to you instead of you traveling around. When a seller makes a transaction, the funds are often redirected to the company’s stock. This system makes it easier to track gains and losses over multiple months. With the attention of such a large audience, prices can afford to be higher while maintaining the same ratio of sales to non sales. Again, the summer is a bustling period that depends on high shopping sales in the first place.


Statistics and logistics

In 2016, summer sales companies generated over $700 million in revenue in addition to to usual suspects of international trade. While the top summer sales companies partially crowded out the other businesses, there was still room for development and growth. A Place for Mom, Vivint Smart Home, and Allergan were the biggest profiteers overall. Sales companies have been on an upward trend in the 21st century. More and more buyers are moving away from traditional stores and looking for alternative ways to purchase goods. A survey showed that 46% of consumers were thankful that they were approached by a summer sales representative.



As you might imagine, outdoor products are extremely popular during the summer. Sporting goods generate some of the highest revenue out of any category. This can include soccer balls, sunscreen, and canopies. Do it yourself products are also successful. Because people have extra spare time during the summer, they are attempting large scale renovation projects. Because sales companies are so flexible, there are no worries about heavy objects or transportation issues. Consumers receive their products instantaneously. In recent years, outdoor pest control has been a surprisingly hot trend. In areas with a large amount of bugs and insects, homeowners have been seeking pest control to combat these swarms. This goes to show that any demographic and any genre is reachable with summer sales companies.



Summer sales companies include both the most famous names in the world and smaller startups looking for profit. In both cases, they rely on innovative marketing techniques and a target audience hungry for deals.

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