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Understanding Summer Sales

In the summertime, there are more homeowners and individuals looking to buy products than ever. Sales companies take advantage of these facts with smart marketing strategies that lead to incredible sales.


Door to Door

Door to door sales companies are often some of the most effective in the industry. During the summer, many people stay at home in the luxury of sweet air conditioning. They will be extremely apt to open the door and listen to your sales pitch. Summer sales companies hire young marketers who are positive influences on homeowners. If you have a loud voice and are willing to make yourself noticed, you will be a prime target for sales companies. Door to door sales usually pay extremely well overall, and if your sales are high, you have the potential for further bonuses.



Online sales companies also thrive during the summertime. Because students are out of school and are browsing the internet during their spare time, there is huge potential for sales on the web. If you are competent with computers and social media, summer sales companies will definitely want you as well. By using promotional media, businesses are able to advance their products. This system usually consists of one person pushing the advertisements and a team of workers monitoring the ad. When it reaches maximum traffic, they will include additional sales offers that are nearly irresistible.


Street Sales

Some summer sales companies that are affiliated with stores or malls prefer street sales as opposed to door to door sales. You will be stationed at a busy intersection where you can expose a maximum number of people to the product. This is very similar to street sales, but people come to you instead of you traveling around. When a seller makes a transaction, the funds are often redirected to the company’s stock. This system makes it easier to track gains and losses over multiple months. With the attention of such a large audience, prices can afford to be higher while maintaining the same ratio of sales to non sales. Again, the summer is a bustling period that depends on high shopping sales in the first place.


Statistics and logistics

In 2016, summer sales companies generated over $700 million in revenue in addition to to usual suspects of international trade. While the top summer sales companies partially crowded out the other businesses, there was still room for development and growth. A Place for Mom, Vivint Smart Home, and Allergan were the biggest profiteers overall. Sales companies have been on an upward trend in the 21st century. More and more buyers are moving away from traditional stores and looking for alternative ways to purchase goods. A survey showed that 46% of consumers were thankful that they were approached by a summer sales representative.



As you might imagine, outdoor products are extremely popular during the summer. Sporting goods generate some of the highest revenue out of any category. This can include soccer balls, sunscreen, and canopies. Do it yourself products are also successful. Because people have extra spare time during the summer, they are attempting large scale renovation projects. Because sales companies are so flexible, there are no worries about heavy objects or transportation issues. Consumers receive their products instantaneously. In recent years, outdoor pest control has been a surprisingly hot trend. In areas with a large amount of bugs and insects, homeowners have been seeking pest control to combat these swarms. This goes to show that any demographic and any genre is reachable with summer sales companies.



Summer sales companies include both the most famous names in the world and smaller startups looking for profit. In both cases, they rely on innovative marketing techniques and a target audience hungry for deals.

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