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How Technology Will Continue Changing the Stock Market of Healthcare

Ever since the discovery of fire by ancient humans, technology has been continually evolving. That evolution continues to this day. However, while the technological developments of hundreds of years ago were a much more gradual process of continual progress, today the progress is occurring in leaps and bounds that are certain to transform society much faster than the discoveries of the past.

Of these new technological developments, perhaps the most important regards healthcare technology. With new and improved healthcare tech, the lives of patients are sure to improve and lengthen greatly. With that benefit for patients, the stock market is also certain to see transformations as new technologies raise the profile of new companies and public offerings. With that in mind, below are some of the ways healthcare tech will bring about this profound change.


Robotic Surgeons

One of the sources for some of the biggest innovations in healthcare that will soon be upon us will be the wider application of robots. Robots are poised to transform a number of different industries in which human beings will be replaced by automated machines that can perform the same kind of work. While we usually associate automation with things like manufacturing and shipping, automation will soon impact the healthcare industry as well.

Surgery requires the steady hand of surgeons with years of training to pull off successfully. Despite the skill of surgeons, human error is still a possibility. When the stakes are high, those errors can result in death.

However, in the near future, many routine as well as highly complex surgeries may be completed by robots. In fact, this transition is already taking place. A robot manufactured by Intuitive Surgical was able to perform a soft tissue surgery with more precision than a human being could.



While you are probably very familiar with the term robot, you may not be as familiar with the nanobot. A nanobot is a robot or other autonomous machine that is built on a very miniature scale. In specific, nanobots are usually thought of as being less than 10 micrometers in size. How big is a micrometer? A micrometer is one thousand times smaller than one millimeter. This is a size smaller than what can be seen with the human eye.

As technology moves towards the creation of more advanced nanobots and nanomachines, the benefit for patients is clear. In fact Bar-Ilan University in Israel has already begun trial tests for using nanobots as a strategy for fighting cancer. These nanobots are built to detect cancer cells in the human body and apply treatment directly to them. It is hoped this means of treating cancer will be more successful and result in far less debilitating side effects than chemotherapy.


Picture Archiving and Communication Systems

Another significant development has been the introduction of new and improved PACS. PACS is an acronym that stands for Picture Archive and Communication System. A PACS system is what a healthcare enterprise like a hospital uses to create and manage medical imagery. This includes things like X-Rays, MRIs, CAT scans, ultrasounds and more.

In the past, such medical images existed as physical film. They had to be stored in huge bulky filing cabinets. Simply retrieving them for use by medical professionals was a chore in itself. Transferring them to doctors in other locations was even more difficult and required fax machines or the US Postal Service. Today, PACS is much more high tech and creates medical images as extremely high resolution image files. These files can be distributed almost immediately through the use of cloud networks. This makes such medical images more readily available to medical professionals when they need them.

Technology is evolving at a pace unseen before. As medical technology improves, so will the lives of patients all over the world. The healthcare industry is changing, and companies and the stock market will have to adjust accordingly.

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How Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize the Stock Market

The stock market in the current economy is a monolith with a history that dates back hundreds of years. Although entities such as banks and transfer agents have used modern technology to increase the efficiency of investing and trading, it still works in much the same way it always has. There is a centralized record that keeps track of ownership, stocks and trades. Every single transaction that occurs has to go through one of these central record holders before it can be completed. In recent years, however, a new technology called blockchain has emerged that could change the very fabric of how the stock market works.


The Blockchain

The blockchain is a peer-to-peer network of computers, called nodes, that keep track of a series of transactions, the chain. Each node holds the entire chain of transactions and they work together to verify any new transactions that are added. Such a system could cut out the middlemen and create a distributed network in the stock market. This could allow investors to transfer shares directly, with the network itself doing the work of storing the information and ensuring data is correct. The implications of such virtual bookkeeping services based on blockchain technology are far reaching.



One clear way in which blockchain would change the stock market is its instantaneous nature. Every action could be completed almost immediately, making shares a much more liquid asset than they are right now and encouraging more investment into any stock exchange which uses blockchain. In finance, speed is vital.



Imagine having an army of computers at your fingertips who’s only job is to record your shares and make sure everything is in order. If you want to make a transaction, the network makes sure that both parties have what they agree upon before finalizing the deal. With this dlp system in place fraud, tampering and simple human error would become much more difficult to accomplish. As shares are bought and sold, and investments are made, the information is recorded and verified with every node in the network. Any mistake or malicious action would be caught quickly.



With the complete history of the stock market available on the chain, there would be total transparency. Transactions and more would be available for anyone to see, including data mining and analytics tools. Economic crisis similar to that in 2008 could be avoided by finding trends and anomalies in the market before it is too late.



Lastly, the sheer cost of doing business in the stock market would go down. Central entities would no longer need to record and verify transactions themselves, which is an astounding amount of data and operating costs. This would be done automatically by the blockchain as the technology behind the stock market.


Already in Use

The benefits promised by blockchain are not only theoretical. There are already experiments in its use in the market today, all around the world. VC investors have given millions of dollars to revolving around using blockchain in the stock market. Funderbeam, a startup creating a blockchain stock market, has raised $2.6 million dollars and exists now as an example of what the future could hold.

In addition, the Santiago Exchange in Chile has teamed with IBM to implement blockchain into parts of its financial systems. This Exchange is in the company of such entities as the London Stock Exchange, the Australian Securities Exchange and Nasdaq, all of whom are also looking to use this technology to their advantage. There is no doubt that it will change the future of the stock market.

The financial world clearly sees advantages to this emerging technology. The speed, security, transparency and cost of basing transactions on a distributed network means that the market could soon be a much different playing field than it is today. Shares could be bought and sold quickly without fear of error or fraud, at a cheaper price overall.

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5 Rising Technologies That Are Impacting the Stock Market

Trading stocks involves finding good corporations with solid management teams, products and a strategy to make ample profits. The entire process of analyzing how these businesses fit into the global economy is being revolutionized with a number of powerful technologies. These 5 technologies change how the world is viewed, how the companies are valued and how the stocks are traded.

Faster, Smarter & Anywhere Money Making

Successful stock traders have key advantages over others. Although technology can’t predict the future, the huge technological advancements of the 21st Century with its digital currency revolution has allowed regular people to have a much better chance of predicting financial outcomes.

Technical traders want to be able to respond faster than others and have a variety of technologies to make this a reality (smart phone apps and HFT). These technologies allow people to succeed anywhere they are, just like the vape box mod. You don’t need to have a large vaping set up at home. You can accomplish your goals on-the-go. Together, these are five of the technologies, impacting the stock market.

1. Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps allow you to trade stocks, bonds or Forex on a remote Caribbean beach while enjoy Piña Coladas. The best financial apps allow you to receive alerts, view charts and execute trades remotely.

2. High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

The top global banks have been continuously profitable for many, many quarters. Their secret? High-Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithms. The top traders can execute their trades in microseconds with HFT. Investopedia has reported that between “2009 and 2010, anywhere from 60% to 70% of U.S. trading was attributed to HFT.” HFT has become the norm.

3. Siri Trades

Did you know that Siri (the Apple artificial intelligence) can make restaurant and airline reservations? It is becoming downright scary. Of course, Siri might be used for trading stocks, sometime soon.

As cute as it is to ask Siri questions, some might also ask her for stock advice. Her picks would probably be better than throwing at a dart board.

4. Is BitCoin Bad?

What used to have a bad reputation has suddenly become an important commodity. Have you figured it out? Many top investors have decided to take this route within the market. Nothing has really changed with digital blockchain currencies, like BitCoin, except now this elite 1% own shares. You might want to get on board the BitCoin train before it leaves the station.

5. Web Bot is Good

Much of Western society is about psychology. The most successful stock traders understand the “herd mentality.” The Web Bot is an accumulation of analytics tracking keywords on the World Wide Web. It actually makes predictions, using the results of psycho history.

The concept is similar to Google Analytics. You can look up how often certain keywords are used online. When you do an overall analysis, you might be able to find hidden trends.

This is also how marketing works. Corporations already have a lot of information, accumulated from cookies placed on your home computer. This geo-location information allows them to recommend videos on YouTube, restaurants in your town or car insurance for your new SUV.

Some have argued that the WebBot (created by Clif High) has actually made a couple of successful predictions already. How similar will 2018 be like 2008? What does the WebBot say?

Combined Technology Provides Advantage

By combining all of these technologies, stock traders can gain a distinct advantage over the competition. The billionaires are already using these technologies to increase their speed, knowledge and ubiquitous stock trading acumen. The astute will invest in these technologies to level the playing field.

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