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How to Maintain Wealth As An Entrepenuer

Establishing a business has always been a risky venture, with changing economic conditions and the risk of competitors making greater strides to attract customers in the marketplace. The ability to amass and protect wealth can be difficult in the early years, when companies must develop a brand and develop the operations that will allow them to maximize profits. This problem can be particularly difficult for some start ups, where innovation is a critical aspect of the venture and the prompt return of rewards is not easily assured. However, entrepreneurs can rely on a number of strategies that will help to protect wealth as they build their businesses.


1 – Have The Correct Legal Structure For Your Business


Business owners should carefully consider the legal options for structuring their businesses from the very beginning. Your legal liability, how much you will pay in taxes and how you will be able to take out money for your personal funds all depend on the type of legal structure you choose for your business. The sole proprietor structure is a popular setup for single owners who have few or no employees. Partnerships can be general or limited. In the general partnership, all parties share in the financial liability. In the limited partnership, parties can be sheltered from liability to the extent of their investment in the business. Corporations provide a significant amount of protection from financial liability and are available in several different levels. Limited liabilities are often the choice of start ups that are not sure about their ultimate legal needs and provide many of the protections of corporation designation. An experienced business attorney can help you determine the best designation for your needs.


2 – Keep Business and Personal Finances Separated


Many business owners get into financial difficulty by falling into the trap of mixing their businesses expenses and their personal expenses. When a problem arises, they find themselves unable to rely on the funds that must inevitably go to the business to maintain everyday operations and cover unexpected expenses. Savvy entrepreneurs draw a clear line between their personal funds and their business funds. In this way, they are able to prevent negative events from affecting their own credit record and make their salaries a standard part of the business payroll expenses. In this way, entrepreneurs can determine the most beneficial ways to pull money out of the business for their own financial use on a consistent basis. An experienced accountant or financial planner can advise you on the steps you can take to maintain wealth accrued from your business pursuits, such as to helping planning to set up self directed IRA or solo 401k, purchasing property to shelter money or other options.


3 – Protect Yourself Against Unexpected Risk


Owners of start up companies often neglect the most mundane of business activities because they are focused on developing innovative methods and problem solving techniques. However, it’s the very prosaic details that can undermine the ability to retain the financial gains they have made. Entrepreneurs should carefully research the different types of insurance that are available and determine the ones that can best protect them from the risks that are intrinsic to their industry. Many business owners find it helpful to develop a working relationship with a insurance professional that can advise them on the types and amounts of insurance that protect them from sudden financial losses.


Your start up company will demand significant amounts of time, thought and energy before you can begin to reliably reap the fruits of your labor. However, if you have made these careful preparations, you will be able to maintain the wealth that your idea has produced. Although it is often difficult for entrepreneurs to juggle the many different tasks required by a new business, taking the time to set up the proper structures will allow you to make the most of your financial opportunities.

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Why Even Rich People Need to Plan a Budget

You may think that a budget is a financial resource that is only beneficial for those who have a very limited amount of funds to work with each month. After all, a smart budget will tell you how all of your money should be allocated to ensure that your bills are paid properly. If you have ample money to pay your recurring bills, it seems like a budget seemingly is an unnecessary hassle, but this is not the case. Even individuals who are financially well off can properly benefit from a well-planned budget that is updated regularly. These are some of the top ways a budget can help financially successful people better manage their funds.

Avoiding Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is not just a “common man’s problem.” Many credit cards specifically target elite consumers through special financing offers and high-end rewards programs. Successful individuals who have a significant amount of discretionary income can just as easily spend more money than they planned on, and far too many rich people regularly spend all of their earned income each month. After all, most people live to their means—or even beyond. By creating a budget, though, you can more easily determine exactly how much money you have available to spend each month. You can use your budget to determine long-term dependence on credit cards as well. Maybe you can reduce your yearly carpet replacement budget by having a professional carpet steam cleaner come out more regularly. You can determine if you need to cut back on other spending to avoid having to rely on credit cards, and you can make more intelligent financial decisions when deciding how to spend your free time in the evenings and on weekends.

Planning for the Future

Most people have specific financial goals they want to accomplish in the future. For example, you may be trying to reach a certain level of residual income before you retire. With a budget, you can properly allocate an adequate amount of funds to your savings and investment accounts each month so that you can more successfully achieve your goals. Without a budget, you may not know exactly how much money you have available to invest from week to week. Furthermore, if you do not know how much money you can invest regularly, you cannot estimate the ideal return on investment you need to reach your goals within a reasonable period of time.

Purchasing Luxury Items

You work hard for your money, and you understandably want to enjoy some luxury items and experiences as a reward for your effort. For example, you may be thinking about adding an inground pool to your backyard with a hot tub, an outdoor kitchen area, and beautiful landscaping. You can bring a resort experience to life in this space, but you need to properly budget for it. If financing a pool is in your plans, you need to know which monthly payment is affordable for your budget. Other luxury items that may transform your lifestyle include boats, planes, or even a second home.  Financing is standard for these high-end items because of their expensive price tags, but by saving up the money beforehand by following a solid budget, you can forego borrowing money entirely. Doing so could save you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Taking Special Trips

Many wealthy individuals take multiple trips each year. These can be short getaways to the Big Apple or long vacations to a tropical island or a mountain lodge. When you take time away from work, you may have a reduced income to show for it, as well as higher expenses related to your trips. With a budget, you can make sure that your travel plans stay within your means, whether you are spending money on a resort, chauffeured transportation, fine dining, or a private jet.

A well-planned budget that you keep updated on at least a monthly basis can help you to enjoy the life that you truly want to have. As a wealthy individual, you need to use your money in the most effective way possible. While this includes living life to its fullest through the purchase of luxury amenities and experiences, it also includes making your money work intelligently for you through smart investments and wise financing decisions.

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How Technology Will Continue Changing the Stock Market of Healthcare

Ever since the discovery of fire by ancient humans, technology has been continually evolving. That evolution continues to this day. However, while the technological developments of hundreds of years ago were a much more gradual process of continual progress, today the progress is occurring in leaps and bounds that are certain to transform society much faster than the discoveries of the past.

Of these new technological developments, perhaps the most important regards healthcare technology. With new and improved healthcare tech, the lives of patients are sure to improve and lengthen greatly. With that benefit for patients, the stock market is also certain to see transformations as new technologies raise the profile of new companies and public offerings. With that in mind, below are some of the ways healthcare tech will bring about this profound change.


Robotic Surgeons

One of the sources for some of the biggest innovations in healthcare that will soon be upon us will be the wider application of robots. Robots are poised to transform a number of different industries in which human beings will be replaced by automated machines that can perform the same kind of work. While we usually associate automation with things like manufacturing and shipping, automation will soon impact the healthcare industry as well.

Surgery requires the steady hand of surgeons with years of training to pull off successfully. Despite the skill of surgeons, human error is still a possibility. When the stakes are high, those errors can result in death.

However, in the near future, many routine as well as highly complex surgeries may be completed by robots. In fact, this transition is already taking place. A robot manufactured by Intuitive Surgical was able to perform a soft tissue surgery with more precision than a human being could.



While you are probably very familiar with the term robot, you may not be as familiar with the nanobot. A nanobot is a robot or other autonomous machine that is built on a very miniature scale. In specific, nanobots are usually thought of as being less than 10 micrometers in size. How big is a micrometer? A micrometer is one thousand times smaller than one millimeter. This is a size smaller than what can be seen with the human eye.

As technology moves towards the creation of more advanced nanobots and nanomachines, the benefit for patients is clear. In fact Bar-Ilan University in Israel has already begun trial tests for using nanobots as a strategy for fighting cancer. These nanobots are built to detect cancer cells in the human body and apply treatment directly to them. It is hoped this means of treating cancer will be more successful and result in far less debilitating side effects than chemotherapy.


Picture Archiving and Communication Systems

Another significant development has been the introduction of new and improved PACS. PACS is an acronym that stands for Picture Archive and Communication System. A PACS system is what a healthcare enterprise like a hospital uses to create and manage medical imagery. This includes things like X-Rays, MRIs, CAT scans, ultrasounds and more.

In the past, such medical images existed as physical film. They had to be stored in huge bulky filing cabinets. Simply retrieving them for use by medical professionals was a chore in itself. Transferring them to doctors in other locations was even more difficult and required fax machines or the US Postal Service. Today, PACS is much more high tech and creates medical images as extremely high resolution image files. These files can be distributed almost immediately through the use of cloud networks. This makes such medical images more readily available to medical professionals when they need them.

Technology is evolving at a pace unseen before. As medical technology improves, so will the lives of patients all over the world. The healthcare industry is changing, and companies and the stock market will have to adjust accordingly.

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5 Tips to Take the Pain out of Landscaping


If you have just purchased a home, you might be excited about taking steps to make it your own, such as decorating it and adding decor. Even though you might be ready to go out and buy flowers and sink your hands in the dirt, however, you should take a few important steps if you want to be as successful as possible when landscaping your property.

  1. Come Up with a Budget

First of all, you are probably going to want to come up with a budget to determine how much you can afford — and want — to spend on landscaping your yard. It might not seem like it will cost a lot of money to buy simple things like plants and mulch, but the costs can add up fast if you aren’t careful. You don’t want to put a damper on the whole experience by accidentally spending more than you can afford or running out of money partway through the project, so it pays to really sit down and decide on a budget. Then, you’ll have a starting point that you can use when planning your new home’s landscaping.

  1. Decide on Your Preferences

Secondly, you’ll want to get an idea of what you are really interested in when it comes to landscaping your property. You can get a lot of inspiration by looking at your neighbors’ yards, and you can also check out landscaping books, magazines and websites. Then, you can see pictures of the various types of landscaping that are out there so that you can get ideas. If you get some ideas before you get started, you can make a better plan and can help increase the chances of getting the exact look that you want.

  1. Determine Your Yard’s Soil and Sun Type

Just because you see plants that you like unfortunately does not mean that they will work well in your landscaping. If you want your plants to really thrive, and if you want them to be easy to take care of, then it’s important to ensure that they are properly suited for your yard. This means that you will want to determine the soil type on your property; then, you can choose plants that will grow well in your soil type. You should also pay attention to whether or not your yard has full sun, partial sun or a lot of shade. There are different plants that do well in different types of sun or shade, so you should be able to find plants that you’ll like regardless.

  1. Think About Maintenance

Before you get too excited and start planting flowers on your property, you’ll want to think about maintenance. For example, if you do not have a lot of time to spend on your lawn, you will probably want to look for plants that will be easy to take care of.

  1. Think About the Fun Stuff

Even though you might primarily be thinking about curb appeal when you think about landscaping your property, it is also important to think about the fun stuff. You may want to spend a lot of time outdoors entertaining your friends and family members, for example. If you love to swim or want to be able to host the hottest pool parties, you may want to look into the costs and logistics of a pool. Keep in mind that inground pools in Jackson MS and other areas with longer periods of warm weather, you’ll get more for your investment. By thinking about the fun stuff, you can help ensure that you enjoy your new property as much as possible once and your family really get settled in.

Landscaping your new property can be a whole lot of fun and can help you give it the look that you want. However, it isn’t something that you’ll just want to jump into. Instead, take these steps first to help ensure that you are happy with the way that your landscaping turns out.

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STEM Education is Crucial to the Economy of the Future

As the technology of the world progresses exponentially, and as many industries gradually but surely move towards high levels of automation, skills acquired in higher level education will begin to replace those begotten by physical labor. Many have correctly expressed feeling of worry that having machines replace laborers will cause many jobs to cease to exist. After all, 80% of the 5 million jobs lost since 2000 have been due to robotic automation in various labor processes. However, they often neglect the other side of this reality: countless engineering jobs for these very same machines will be available. Due to this, higher level education will be key to the survival of future economic growth.

In Agriculture
An example of this already coming to light exists in the American agricultural industry. There, minimum wages for laborers are too high for farmers to afford. As an alternative, many farmers are beginning to seek out automated rovers and drones to aid them in their work in the fields. Rovers are already beginning to be used to herd cattle. They follow a pre-programmed path and contain sensors to make sure the cattle are near them. Drones are being used to survey farmland and also to dust crops with pesticides.

A Wide-Sweeping Trend
While this may seem like a small example in one isolated industry, it is part of a growing trend towards automation. Numerous Fortune 500 companies already have their factories largely employed by automated machine arms to assemble products, and those who don’t have such large automated arsenals of laborers are actively working to develop them. This will lead to a decrease in manual labor jobs, but will cause a rise in the demand for engineers. These highly-skilled college graduates will be needed to design, build, modify, and repair these huge arsenals of assembly machines.

As such, it is clear to see that education, especially in STEM fields, is crucial to future economic growth. Companies without fleets of educated engineers will soon fall behind in the market, as their less efficient way of doing things will lead them to be forced to charge more than competitors. As a result profits will suffer, and the risk of shutting down would remain high. Additionally, these educated engineers will be needed to help design more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective machines. Doing so will usher in further economic growth, as companies will be able to cheaply and quickly create multitudes of products.

The Supply of New Workers to Meet the Demand
College work in engineering is among the most difficult and testing of any major. Classes include rigorous studies of various high level mathematics and physics disciplines including Calculus 2, Multivariable Calculus, Thermodynamics, and Fluid Mechanics. Many seek out tutoring help at their respective universities, form study groups with friends, or attend office hours with professors. However, lots of engineering students take on extracurricular responsibilities in clubs, fraternities, or intramural sports. This means appointments with tutors, friends, and university staff can be hard to keep.

As a result, many college students are turning to online resources, like Course Hero (which provides an in depth overview of what the company is about including description, reviews, interview feedback,) to aid them in their work. This site has a service, among others, that allows students from all over the country to upload study guides and flashcards for others, making for a community that spans grade levels. Additionally, there is an entire part of the site dedicated to homework for students stuck on problems or just struggling to internalize concepts they’ve learned in class.

Hence, automated machinery is going to play a huge role in companies in the future. As a matter of fact, it has already begun to do so. As such, college-educated STEM workers are going to be needed in high demand. These busy body students are also beginning to turn to online resources to aid them in their studies, which are becoming a crucial part of shaping the future’s engineers.

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4 Ways Small Businesses Affect Local Economies

Although small businesses may not be able to generate as much revenue as large companies, the value and role that they play in the local economies should not be underestimated. They are major contributors to the economy and are, in fact, building blocks for the large corporations in the country. Research indicates that small businesses account for 97.7 percent of all employer firms in the United States. This is a clear indication that entrepreneurial firms should be provided with the right climate and resources to grow as they are major players in the economy. Here are some of the main ways that these businesses affect local economies today

Encourage Innovation

Some small businesses are born out of great ideas that many people do not believe in yet. Most corporate giants in the world today started as an idea that seemed too ambitious. These have grown into large enterprises that are a force to be reckoned with in the economic world. Small businesses represent innovators who have ideas and chose to implement them. It is through innovation that entrepreneurs create resources that generate wealth and empower the existing businesses with the potential for generating more revenue.

There are many small businesses today competing for the same customers and resources, and this has encouraged innovation in those sectors. The result is the emergence of new technologies, marketing strategies, business ideas and models, and new products, all of which aim at market retention and an increased competitive advantage in the flooded market. These changes have brought about significant economic growth at the local and national level.

Create Employment

Small businesses are defined as any organizations that employ less than 500 workers, and for this reason, one can overlook the role they play in job creation. Statistics indicate that between 2009 and 2013, small businesses accounted for 60 percent of the net new jobs in the United States. Additionally, these firms have paid 44 percent of the total U.S. private payroll since 1995. The emergence of more startups means the creation of more job opportunities locally, and this contributes to improving the living standards.

Small businesses facilitate growth in the local communities where they are established. For example, if you live in a small city in Utah and work in a firm that provides Utah divorce lawyers, the chances are that you will send your earnings right there in the town. The revenue and resulting taxes spread across the community and are used to enrich it. With several small businesses established across the United States, economic development is realized at the local level.

Stability during Economic Crisis

The economic climate is always changing, and when tough times hit, large corporations are usually affected most. This is because they accumulate a lot of revenue and stand to lose much during periods of economic crisis. On the other hand, small businesses are highly adaptable to the changing economic climate. This is primarily because most of the firms are usually customer-oriented. Even when issues such as inflation, economic recession, or political instability arise, the local consumer remains loyal to their favorite small businesses. The companies can stay afloat, generate revenue, and grow even under an unstable economy. Any state with numerous small businesses will be less shaken in times of economic crisis as compared to one which has more large corporations.

Future Economic Growth

Small businesses don’t remain in their simple, small structure forever. Every large player in the economy today started as a small business. Startups are the future of the economy because they possess great potential for growth and expansion in the local, national, and international marketplace. As they grow, they create more job opportunities, generate more revenue for the state, and further help the local communities in which they are established. Encouraging startups is one of the best ways to future-proof the economy.

Small businesses play a significant role in making a nation great, and their impact on the local economy is evident. There is a need to provide resources and create an ideal environment for the growth of small businesses to realize exponential economic growth in the present and future.

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Which E-Cigarette Companies You Should Invest Stock In

In 2017, the electronic cigarette and vaporizer markets are hotter than ever, and this is a trend that is bound to continue over the next few years. As with all consumer and lifestyle trends, investors and business analysts are paying very close attention to developments in the vaping and e-cigarette worlds as they look for profitable opportunities.

One important factor that has caught the attention of prospective investors and market observers is that research studies are yielding very positive results for the e-cigarette industry. One such study was completed in February 2017, and it arrived to the conclusion that vaping is far less harmful than smoking. The study, which was conducted by researchers from University College London and Cancer Research United Kingdom, followed the health of 181 individuals who used to smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes but later switched to e-cigarettes and other vaping devices. The test subjects were tested for certain toxins and substances associated with cancer, which were significantly lower while they were vaping compared to when they were vaping.

The aforementioned study does not purport to show that vaping is as healthy as eating fresh salads three times a day; instead, it shows that inhaling the emissions produced by the vaporization process is less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes, particularly when the vaping liquids used contain low levels of nicotine and other contaminants.

With the above in mind, it seems as if vaping will completely absorb the smoking market in a few years, and investors who are looking to profit in the early stages should follow the shares of companies mentioned below:


Philip Morris

Most of the companies traditionally associated with tobacco products have seen the writing on the wall with regard to vaping. Tobacco giants such as Philip Morris are not the type of companies that will sit around and lick their wounds while they lose market share to vaping trends. Philip Morris joined the vaping industry with iQOS, which can be described as a sort of unique vape pen and interesting atomizer tank for smokers who are curious about vaping. Instead of selling bottled fluid or cartridges, Philip Morris is taking a more traditional approach and selling HeatSticks, which sort of look like Marlboro cigarettes and have a similar taste. Philip Morris International trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PM.


Turning Point Brands

This company has been developing tobacco products for smokers who dislike the way cigarette smoke seems to permeate clothes, hair and skin with its characteristically unpleasant smell. Turning Point’s Beech-Nut chewing tobacco has been sold at military bases for decades; it is well-known among field units where smoking is not allowed due to tactical reasons. Turning Point developed the V2 e-cigarette a couple of years ago, and is now focusing on more advanced vaporizing devices. This company trades in the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TPB.



This company is similar to Philip Morris in the sense of being an established tobacco player that understands the need to move in the direction of vaping. Reynolds-American entered the vaping market in 2012 with the acquisition of blu, a trendy e-cigarette brand that has achieved popularity in the United Kingdom. Eventually, blu had to be sold off for compliance issues; however, the company remained committed to innovating in the vaping space. These days, Reynolds-American has the best-selling e-cigarette in the United States, the Vuse. It is interesting to note that Vuse is not exactly associated with the top vaping products in the market; nonetheless, Reynolds-American is very proficient in terms of distribution. Shares of this company can be traded on the New York Stock Exchange as RAI.

In the end, vaping stocks present what could be a lucrative activity for investors who get in early. Keep in mind that vaping is attracting more smokers on a daily basis, and thus it is safe to assume that this trend will fully mature in just a few years.

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Financial Expectations to Consider When Becoming a Doctor

Becoming a doctor is an investment, one that requires sacrifices but bears the incredible reward of being able to save lives. The most important, however, is the financial investment: medical students who cannot afford medical school outright, or who aren’t aware of the various financial fees they must pay throughout their career, can easily come out of medical school with an average of $166,750 in debt, an increase of 6.3% since 1992; this number continues to increase.

Is becoming a doctor worth it? For many in the medical community, such as KevinMD and Robert Pearl, M.D., the answer is yes, but it’s not without its pitfalls. But as these and many other doctors will tell you, knowing the financial investment you’re making into your career as a doctor will help you prepare to put these costs into focus and, hopefully, give you time to come up with a plan to minimize your debt obligation.

Location Matters

The first thing to understand is, just like choosing between a public and private medical school, where you go to medical school will affect your financial burden. Schools in the Southwest and North Central regions in America face the largest debt, whereas those in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Western regions have the least amount of debt.

Medical School and Related Costs

Just like with undergraduate schools, medical schools come with a sticker price and a net price; that is, the annual tuition and fees price and what a student, after financial aid, loans and scholarships have been factored in, actually pays for their education. The difference can be striking and may lead you to rethink the affordability of your medical school education.

Depending on your financial need and whether you can obtain scholarships, you might find yourself paying substantially less than someone who just takes out loans. Therefore, you should take a look at the scholarships and other programs that can make medical school affordable before starting the process of taking out a loan.

Getting Into Medical School

Even before getting into medical school and choosing a specialty, you must first pass the MCAT, which is one of the deciding factors of whether or not you can chase your dream. With the $310 MCAT exam price comes the application cost of the American Medical College Application Service, which most medical schools use for processing purposes; that fee is $160 for the first school and $39 for every additional school. Most medical schools require a secondary application, which can cost up to $150.

Along with MCAT exam and application fees comes MCAT private tutoring and prep course fees. Many students use a private MCAT tutor in order to provide the best possible outcome for their exam, so it’s a worthwhile investment. Students looking for an MCAT tutor in NYC or other large cities can usually find qualified tutors locally, but there are many online tutors available as well.

Work Opportunities

America has too many specialists and not enough general practitioners, and while that’s a problem in the healthcare system, students are finding it harder to say no to specialties; a report from the Medscape Physician Compensation Report, dated 2014, shows that an orthopedic surgeon can make $413,000 compared to the $188,000 that a general internist makes.

This matters because when deciding what type of medicine you practice can have a direct impact on how fast you can pay off your debt. However, it is also important to remember that specialty medicine requires a longer residency than general practice; a neurosurgeon must undertake a one-year internship and a six to eight-year residency while a general practitioner can expect a three-year residency and no internship. Although these residencies are paid, residents do not receive compensation anywhere near what they would after they have completed their residency.


Medical school can be quite the expense when you sit down to add up all the costs; with the average cost of attending a public school around $34,600 and a private school costing around $55,500, it can add up quickly. But for medical students who are pursuing a passion and have a good plan in place for paying for medical school, it’s the dream of a lifetime, so choose wisely.

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How Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize the Stock Market

The stock market in the current economy is a monolith with a history that dates back hundreds of years. Although entities such as banks and transfer agents have used modern technology to increase the efficiency of investing and trading, it still works in much the same way it always has. There is a centralized record that keeps track of ownership, stocks and trades. Every single transaction that occurs has to go through one of these central record holders before it can be completed. In recent years, however, a new technology called blockchain has emerged that could change the very fabric of how the stock market works.


The Blockchain

The blockchain is a peer-to-peer network of computers, called nodes, that keep track of a series of transactions, the chain. Each node holds the entire chain of transactions and they work together to verify any new transactions that are added. Such a system could cut out the middlemen and create a distributed network in the stock market. This could allow investors to transfer shares directly, with the network itself doing the work of storing the information and ensuring data is correct. The implications of such virtual bookkeeping services based on blockchain technology are far reaching.



One clear way in which blockchain would change the stock market is its instantaneous nature. Every action could be completed almost immediately, making shares a much more liquid asset than they are right now and encouraging more investment into any stock exchange which uses blockchain. In finance, speed is vital.



Imagine having an army of computers at your fingertips who’s only job is to record your shares and make sure everything is in order. If you want to make a transaction, the network makes sure that both parties have what they agree upon before finalizing the deal. With this dlp system in place fraud, tampering and simple human error would become much more difficult to accomplish. As shares are bought and sold, and investments are made, the information is recorded and verified with every node in the network. Any mistake or malicious action would be caught quickly.



With the complete history of the stock market available on the chain, there would be total transparency. Transactions and more would be available for anyone to see, including data mining and analytics tools. Economic crisis similar to that in 2008 could be avoided by finding trends and anomalies in the market before it is too late.



Lastly, the sheer cost of doing business in the stock market would go down. Central entities would no longer need to record and verify transactions themselves, which is an astounding amount of data and operating costs. This would be done automatically by the blockchain as the technology behind the stock market.


Already in Use

The benefits promised by blockchain are not only theoretical. There are already experiments in its use in the market today, all around the world. VC investors have given millions of dollars to revolving around using blockchain in the stock market. Funderbeam, a startup creating a blockchain stock market, has raised $2.6 million dollars and exists now as an example of what the future could hold.

In addition, the Santiago Exchange in Chile has teamed with IBM to implement blockchain into parts of its financial systems. This Exchange is in the company of such entities as the London Stock Exchange, the Australian Securities Exchange and Nasdaq, all of whom are also looking to use this technology to their advantage. There is no doubt that it will change the future of the stock market.

The financial world clearly sees advantages to this emerging technology. The speed, security, transparency and cost of basing transactions on a distributed network means that the market could soon be a much different playing field than it is today. Shares could be bought and sold quickly without fear of error or fraud, at a cheaper price overall.

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How to Create Your Dream Backyard

How to Create the “Dream Backyard” You’ve Always Wanted

Most people want to enjoy every part of their property and spend as much time as possible in the setting. When it comes to the quality of your backyard, it’s important that the space is relaxing and feels like an outdoor oasis. If you’re ready to create a beautiful environment that you’ve always wanted, there are a few important steps to take.

Create Zones with Your Plans

Dedicate a segment of your backyard to plant life with a fresh flower patch or an area where you can grow vegetables. You can also add artificial turf if you have difficulty growing grass in the yard due to the climate. Adding extra greenery will create an uplifting environment that feels lush.

Creating zones in your backyard can allow it to appear organized and structured, which can increase its aesthetics, states sunset.com. You can put plants that need the most water in one area of the garden, which can make it easier to maintain everything and allow it to thrive. Grouping different flowers by color can also create a beautiful design that is intentional and modern. Other plants that need more shade should be placed together to prevent them from drying out or dying.

If you’re having trouble planning your yard, you can contact a landscaping service or do a quick search for “lawn care services near me” to find a reputable provider.

Add a Water Feature

A water feature will add a serene and tranquil element to your backyard where you can relax while listening to the soothing sounds. Consider adding a pond near a garden where you can have koi fish to create a lively environment. A water fountain can also incorporate an interesting feature that increases the appeal of the yard and adds extra dimension to the space.

An inground pool can also prove to beautify the backyard and will make for a fun way of keeping cool during the summer season. Choose from various pool designs like in San Diego or Las Vegas to find a style the complements the architecture of your home. Multiple features can also increase its appeal with spillovers, waterfalls, and slides that are included with the installation of the pool.

Use Hardscaping

Outdoor Elegance suggests using hardscaping to create a balanced space that looks beautiful. Hardscaping can include everything from stone pathways to concrete paths when you want to create a more functional environment that is comfortable to spend time in each season.

Other ideas to incorporate hardscaping into the setting includes adding creative lawn art statues, building an outdoor wet bar, and creating a rock garden. A gazebo that is built with rocks and can be a place to use patio furniture and entertain your guests.

Add a Covered Area

Covered areas are essential to creating an outdoor seating area that is easy to relax in when spending time outdoors on your property. Shade a deck in the summer season to create a cooler environment and consider installing an overhead ceiling fan. Adding a covered area will also protect your patio furniture from damage and will prevent it fading over time.

Choose the Larger Items First

Picking out the larger items of your yard and accessorizing later will make it easier to create a streamlined space that looks balanced. Making room for the larger features will prevent certain areas from looking cramped by laying everything out correctly before it’s time to create your dream backyard. Consider drawing the layout of the yard and where you want each feature to be installed to avoid overcrowding the area.

Add a Bonfire or Fireplace

When you want to spend time outdoors at night, consider using a fireplace or a bonfire where you can stay warm as you stargaze. The feature will make for a perfect place to gather around the fire and make conversation with your family members or guests.

Designing your dream backyard can be an enjoyable process with the right rules followed. By taking the right steps, you’ll enjoy an incredible outcome that exceeds your expectations.

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