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Where Job Markets are Boosting Investment Markets


In 2017, the American economy has proven resilient as it has managed to stay on a recovery course despite political scandals and turmoil in the White House. During the early days of the year, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the national unemployment rate had fallen to 4.6 percent; the last time American workers enjoyed such an abundance of available jobs was in 2007. A survey conducted in January 2017 indicated that employers planned to increase their payrolls by more than six percent this year, and the overall sentiment for business growth was very positive when compared to previous years.


In July 2017, The New York Times reported that job growth was still on track to keep growing, but the economic expansion is showing some uneven characteristics. Sales of new automobiles are falling at the same time shopping malls and major department stores are reducing their operations; moreover, the demand for new workers is greatly outpacing wage growth.


According to a July report by Quicken Loans, the pace of imported goods coming into the country increased to $52.8 billion, which reflects an increase of more than $1.1 billion; this jump in import activity is correlated to an increase in domestic investment by retailers and manufacturers that purchase tools, equipment, and raw materials. It is important to note, however, that investment levels are not uniform across the country.


There is a reality that job seekers and investors must face in today’s economy: the chances of landing a good job or capitalizing on an investment will largely depend on the region. Investors who want to see capital growth should focus on the metropolitan areas where job seekers are succeeding in terms of getting hired and being compensated accordingly.


The Canyon State: Where Job Seekers and Investors Meet


A January market research study by personal finance website Wallethub revealed that Arizona is the leading state in terms of job and investment growth. In a list ranking the best cities presenting job opportunities as well as a positive socio economic climate for investing, four Arizona cities were in among the top 20: Scottsdale, Chandler, Peoria, and Gilbert. In fact, Scottsdale was the top job market on the list.


Most Phoenix movers are probably very busy in 2017; this is a city that used to be one of the most promising local economies prior to the calamitous Wall Street crash of 2008. These days, workers, entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners are setting their sights on Scottsdale.


The Lone Star State: Technology and Quality of Life


Plano, Garland, Austin, and Dallas are also attractive cities for prospective employees and investors, particularly for those who are interested in the tech sector. Since 2015, Austin has been mentioned as the Silicon Valley of Texas due to its high number of tech startups and burgeoning quality of life. Major tech firms such as Google and Facebook have been opening offices in Austin in recent years, and venture capital investment firms have followed suit.


The Tar Heel State: Unexpected Tourism Expansion


In North Carolina’s Research Triangle of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, local business owners have been surprised by an unusual spike in tourism. This part of the country is known for being an active research and development hub, but its economic output came crashing down in 2008. Since then, the local tech sector has been slow to recover; however, the same cannot be said about tourism. According to statistics compiled by the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau, tourists spent nearly $2.5 billion in 2016. What is interesting about this figure is that this region is not traditionally known as a tourism destination; nonetheless, many of the visitors are foreign students on short “semester abroad” programs managed through partnership between local and overseas universities. As a result. entrepreneurs are paying attention to this trend and setting up shop in North Carolina.


In the end, it is safe to say that investment and high employment levels will continue to grow together in 2017; the next economic development will hopefully be associated with wage growth.

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The Latest Tech in Healthcare in 2017

Healthcare is a booming industry that also has a lot of controversies right now. With all of the changes that are taking place, many people believe that more needs to be done in this area to help people live a healthy life.


With the new technology in the field, many people believe that costs should be going down. The problem is that the opposite is occurring. Few people can afford to go to the doctor without great insurance. The cost of insurance continues to increase every month, and many people are worried that this trend is going to continue in the future. There is new technology in healthcare that should help to reduce the cost of care. It will be interesting to see if this actually occurs. Here are some of the latest technology trends in this industry.


Preventative Care


The best way to cure any illness or disease is to catch it early. In the past, the best way for doctors to catch something in the patient was usually the patient coming in with terrible symptoms. The problem is that many people today struggle with going to the doctor on a regular basis. Not only is this an inconvenient process, but a lot of people cannot afford to do it.


However, the new enterprise imaging that is available is a great tool for people to use to catch things early on. One of the most expensive parts of the healthcare industry is treating major diseases like cancer or diabetes. Without insurance, it can bankrupt someone who has to go through cancer treatment. This is a hard enough time in a person’s life without having to use their life savings to pay for treatment. In the coming years, many people are hoping that the preventative care continues to progress and improve the quality of service in this industry.


Wearable Technology


Another major technology trend in the healthcare industry today is wearable technology. This is something that can be used to track your health and wellness numbers on a continuous basis. A lot of people today want more information on their overall health and wellness. Now is the time to try and take your health to the next level by seeing areas where you are weak and improving them.


Wearable technology also assists in losing weight and building muscle. The average person today wants to lose weight and improve their overall physical appearance. Wearable technology keeps track of the calories that are burned throughout the day. It is now easier than ever before to see if you are in a caloric deficit or not to lose the weight you want to.


Online Coaching


Online coaching is a growing area in the healthcare industry today. Many people are tired of working hard and not getting the results they want. A lot of online health and wellness coaches help you with your diet and exercise plan. Over time, you should see an improvement in your performance and health results by working with someone in this area. Although investing in your health is never cheap, it is much less expensive than neglecting your health over time.


This is one of the biggest trends that are going to help the overall healthcare industry. The more information that people have from experts in the field, the more ways that people can learn to take their health to a new level in the future. Sometimes, it just requires the little extra motivation that a great coach can provide. In the coming years, many people are entering the field of wellness through this path.

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5 Ways Businesses Affect Local Economies

Driving through a neighborhood, you likely notice all of the businesses, and you may even stop in at a few. However, that doesn’t mean you necessarily recognize how businesses affect local economies. Examining this issue is important because it could help you to make your own neighborhood a better place to live one day.


Creation of Jobs

One of the biggest ways that businesses affect local economies is by creating jobs. Bringing more businesses into an area could help the community to entirely reinvent itself. For example, if the neighborhood is experiencing issues with poverty, that could be due to a lack of employment for the residents. Once the businesses open up, residents can start to procure jobs at the businesses. When businesses place an emphasis on hiring employees from the neighborhoods in which they open, they contribute even more to this element.


Increased Home Values

The value of a house does have to do with its layout and space, but it also has to do with the community. When prospective buyers drive through a neighborhood and see that it doesn’t have any businesses, they may be unlikely to make an offer on houses there. People want to live near the shops that they need. Therefore, new businesses can help the prices of homes to go up. When the price of houses increases, so does the general wealth of the individuals who live in the neighborhood. The rise of businesses in communities can help a community see a higher average level of income among its residents.


Business Prosperity

New businesses in the area can also actually help current businesses. Some communities have spotty areas of businesses. Building up the area around those companies can help attract more attention to them. Since people are shopping at the other stores, they might finally notice or feel inclined to visit the ones that have been there for years or decades. Some business owners might have trepidation about new entities coming into the community, but they can actually end up helping them up.


Better Schools

It might seem striking that businesses in an area could have to do with the schools, but the connection is present. Many depressed areas of the country also face problems with the schools. The academics are poor, and the schools may have major troubles with violence or drugs. Part of the reason could be that the students are stuck in the cycle of poverty. They may have to miss school in order to work or to take care of siblings; they may not have the money to attend college. When new jobs open up in the area, they can start to take advantage of them, and they may see a brighter future ahead. These youngsters may then go on to attend college, procure high paying jobs themselves, return to their communities and transmute them into the best places to live in New Jersey.



When a community gets a new business, it might become an attractive for tourists. People who are just passing through the area or on their way to vacation might stop at the business. Depending upon where the community is located, the new businesses might help it to become a major destination for tourism. For example, the neighborhood might lie at the border of one of the states, so it could turn from an area filled with poverty to one that acts as a welcome center for visitors. Tourism in a community can definitely help to stimulate the economy because people tend to spend significant amounts of money when they are on vacation.

Most people know that businesses have some sort of connection to the local economy, but they don’t think about this connection that much. Instead, they focus on how the business can serve them in the immediate future. Looking at this sole view of business is not necessarily helpful. When new businesses are proposed in the community, consider the ways that they could better the neighborhood. You might be asked to vote for the new business or to propose ways to make the businesses in the community even better. Recognize how these companies can help to change so many elements of the place where you live.

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What You Need to Know About Crimeware-as-a-Service

More and more companies are making the change to cloud services for their business. While there are many advantages to the cloud, these services can also lead to vulnerability and security threats. Many cloud services include security systems such as a network TAP and integrated security, however, there are still new ways to get around these security programs. Today’s successful malware writers across the globe are highly motivated by money and are able to adjust their technical capabilities to evade the latest security technology and current industry best practices.

In order to protect your business and assets from cyber security threats, it’s important that you are familiar with the possible risks. Some important things to know about Crimeware-as-a-Service programs include the evolution of cybercrime, current hacking methods, and industry best practices.


Evolution of Cybercrime

Starting with hackers who wrote custom code to exploit vulnerabilities, then shifting to making these codes accessible to script kiddies, to currently providing full on Crimeware-as-a-Service programs, the cybercriminal world has greatly expanded and increased its efforts over time. The evolution of cybercrime follows a similar pattern to those that have been previously seen in business model evolution. This adjustment of technology stacks and revenue models as a service by cyber criminals shouldn’t come across as a surprise Crimeware, stolen data, and other salable items on the Dark Web are increasingly being sold as a service. These cyber criminals offer their crimeware services to clients in the same way that the average software vendor does. Cyber hacking has reached a point where the typical exploit kit is completely offered on a regular basis. The subscription prices for these kits follow a number of trends including one to the cyber black market: takedowns and mysterious disappearances of criminal competition.

Just as legitimate service provides a la carte selections and add-ons to a buyer’s needs, it is the same with crimeware services. Researchers have detailed a modular botnet service that offers up several different options. These services are fronted with highly professional and user-friendly management panels. Higher modular malware covers everything from browser password stealing and keylogging to a variety of Distributed Denial of Service attack techniques through crypto currence wallet stealing.

Cybercrime takes advantage of trends, knowing that one in three people will open their email. Crimeware-as-a-Service now makes this accessible to anyone who wants to hack someone or something else. Spear-phishng with weaponized documents and other techniques are already the popular tactic used by most cyber attackers because of the high success rate. While previously, one only needed nominal hacker skills to launch such an attack, the recent discovery of Crimeware-as-a-Service is making cyber crime accessible and easy for anyone with a Bitcoin wallet.


Current Methods

The current weapon of choice in cybercrime today is spear-phishing with Microsoft Office document attachments. Weaponized documents arrive via email as a benign attachment, such as a Word document or an Excel project. The attack runs across embedded in these programs and to drops a keylogger. When the target or person opens the attachment it tends to present itself as a normal-looking document on their screen but simultaneously works to compromise their machine with a virus.

Weaponized document attachments present severe problems for most companies and businesses. The reason is quite simple: people in an organization are more likely to open an attachment regardless of how much security training an organization does, hence why this form of cyber hacking is easiest and most successful. Most of these attacks ask users to enable macros, which is automatically done once they’ve committed to opening the document. This just means that vulnerability isn’t needed, only a macro code. As a consequence, these documents do not auto-detonate in company security programs, such as network sandboxes, as many programs check for presence of other documents to ensure it is a user machine.


Industry Best Practices

Several organizations have been struggling with these weaponized document spear-phishing attacks and other cyber hacking methods, however, these breaches can be prevented. Security teams should follow industry best practices, including the use of a multi factor authentication program, continuous collection of system logs, and not reusing passwords. In addition to these few examples, there are many ways to prevent a cyber security breach, and business owners and decision makers should make it an effort to familiarize themselves with these methods.

Organizations and companies who haven’t focused as much as they should on this threat, need to begin doing so as soon as possible. Isolation automatically identifies any links or attachments delivered via email so the attacker never has to be able to do any real damage themselves. Endpoint protection techniques, such as behavioral monitoring and isolation, can help in stopping weaponized documents from malware , machine learning, isolation, and whatever other techniques hackers use.


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The Finance Side of Prepping

The Finance Side of Prepping

Biblical scriptures have warned of the last day we spend on Earth. Some groups believe the end of the world will be wrought by global warfare, like terrorist group ISIS. Others think that God will collapse the heavens, ridding everyone from the face of Earth. Common groups of thought in support of doomsday scenarios’ possibility cite large-scale technological and electrical failure, economic shutdown, nuclear warfare, and natural disasters as sufficient catalysts for worldwide chaos and incivility.

Many beliefs and predictions span the collective minds of doomsday preppers around the world. Given a doomsday scenario rears its ugly head sometime in our lives, nobody would want to be unprepared. Not having one’s plans, supplies, and equipment together for such an event would instantly spur anxiety and worry about how he would survive himself, let alone his friends and family.

Many people live from one paycheck to the next, not leaving much room to buy excess food, equipment, and other often-pricey things people need to survive in the event of a national, global, or worldwide disaster scenario. Successfully planning for potential doomsday situations is difficult itself, not to mention paying for every single thing necessary to keep you and your family alive. Included below are a few items that every doomsday prepper should have if their fears become true, along with their financial burdens and related necessity.


Learned skills and research abilities

Automotive repair, patient care during serious injuries, and construction are just a few skills able to be learned from trade schools that would prove helpful in end-of-society scenarios. Advanced cardiac life support would be crucial in treating heart attack or stroke, and obtained by receiving ACLS recertification. Trade schools degrees and such certifications are relatively inexpensive to purchase.

If one were able to survive long-term, being skilled with researching science-related fields would undoubtedly help. In the event of attacks on life itself and the Earth, to repair biological, chemical, or other damage wrought on Earth’s flora and fauna, one would need to be familiar with researching viable fixes that would have positive effects. While there are troves of research available in archives, doomsday scenarios with detrimental effects on Earth’s habitat and ecosystems have never been studied. Earning a doctoral degree would help you, individually, and the entirety of mankind, making this level of research-based degrees wholly worth it.


Water purification system

In-home, simple purifiers available in supermarkets that attach onto kitchen sinks are not sufficient for a doomsday scenario, nor are water pitchers that filter water. These are incredibly cheap, but have no place in cleaning water from dead animals, swamps, or excrement.

Commercial-quality water purifiers would be most ideal for situations in which our time on earth, as humans, is closing quickly. Low-end models range slightly more than $2,000, and virtually no upper ceiling.

In a doomsday scenario, infrastructure would certain unfurl over time. Underground water pipes wouldn’t be repaired, snapped electricity lines and broken transistors would remain, and sewer systems would be backed up. We often take the importance of societies having clean water for granted, as it has flowed freely out of kitchen faucets and spouts for all of our lives.

While you can stock up on water, it’s impractical to purchase and safely store a lifetime’s worth of purified or distilled water. Buying this water wouldn’t be incredibly expensive for living a few months, but any longer than that and it’s impractical. Eventually, clean water would run out. Also, because people drink so much water — our bodies range between 50% and 75% water — and can’t skimp on H2O, the massive size needed to store such water would be impractical, expensive, and not a good investment.

Even if you contracted a construction company to craft a safe, secure, food-grade quality tank with the 6,000-plus gallons a human would need to live over 60 years at eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, the cost far outweighs its benefits.



Purchasing basic farming equipment to farm fruits, vegetables, and nuts on a small-scale basis would certainly be worth the investment. This is far more expensive than simply buying food, and also more tasty than eating canned, preservative-filled foods forever.

Only buying food would be relatively inexpensive, but unsustainable over the long-term, making this a bad investment.

All in all, spending more money now is well-worth the benefit of many objects, functions, and skills in doomsday scenarios. Taking the easy way out now and purchasing bottled water, not purifiers; working, not getting educated; and buying food, not farming equipment would all prove to be bad investments. Pay more now and have the potential to survive longer, later.

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The Secrets of Communicating with Other Companies

Effective communication is essential to any good relationship. Business relationships are no exception. It is just as important for you to have effective B2B communications as it is to have efficient Business-to-Customer communications. By elevating the level of how you communicate with other companies from being only good and you will see many more . Below are a few components of communication that possibly could help your strategy become great.

Bad Writing Can Make a Bad Impression

Do you communicate with other companies via the phone mostly and use written or typed material sparingly? Or is most your communication handled non-verbally with emails or on your website or blog? Whether you rely heavily on writing or only do so from time to time, it is important that your spelling and grammar be correct. You also want what you write to be clear, meaningful, compelling, and professional from the opening sentence.

Here are a few other tips for better business writing:

  • Logical structure should include a beginning, middle, and end
  • Avoid too many passive verbs, like “It will be sent tomorrow”; use active ones instead, like “We will send it tomorrow.”
  • Stay away from run-on sentences
  • Be authentic and judiciously use humor to engage your readers
  • Write in a tone that is most appropriate for your audience

Have Consistency in Your Communication Strategy Consistently

Know what it is that you are trying to say and keep on with that message always. You want to properly integrate a consistent message with every single one of the outlets you utilize for communication. These channels would include social networks, websites, emails and so forth. You do not have to use the same exact words in the messages, but the voice used across the different channels, and the point you are making should be identical.

Also, establish a regular frequency for communicating with other businesses. How often you reach out to a company is of particular importance if at any time you made promises as to the regularity of communication between the organizations. For example, if you told another business of bi-monthly communications, and instead, you reach out quarterly, then it could send the wrong message which may translate that you do not deliver on your promises.

Personify Your Business and Let Your True Colors Speak

Your communication should have a sense of personality which would allow other companies to connect with your business. Allow your organization to be colorful and lively in communication. You do not want to be another static company that fails to build trust because they cannot hear your business’ unique voice in your communications.

In business, there are four distinct company characteristics or business personalities. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is used in other areas of life to define and divide people into four basic groups of traits. Which type best describes your business?


Group situations and external relationships drive the relational company characteristic.


An objective-focused personality, this”Type A” personality is hardworking and straightforward.


A highly analytical business personality, an introvert would give something much thought before taking any action, likes facts and data, and is rational.


This extroverted personality type is competitive, a natural at sales, and due to an enthusiastic nature and outgoingness, would make for great training consultants or business trainers.

Switch Up the Format

You do not want to come across as boring, no matter what your business personality, when communicating with other companies. You want to provide companies with a potent media mixture. You can use webcasts, eFliers, blogs, Twitter tweets, videos, email newsletters, Facebook posts, and other mediums in an alternating or rotating way to keep your delivery fresh.


While what gets said may vary depending on the audience, B2B communication should not be approached differently from that of B2C communication when it comes to strategy. You can use good communications to ingratiate yourself with your connections. It may help if you remain consistent in your message and frequency, have a personal voice, use variety in the formats with which you communicate, and write error-free content. Then, like in the movie Jerry Maguire, you might have a business at “hello.”


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5 Ways to Fully Optimize Your Online Business

Knowing how to fully optimize your online business isn’t common knowledge. Many website owners seek expansion, want more control and streamlined processes and covet more web traffic without really knowing how to get those things. However, certain web platforms and digital tools can get your business the solutions it needs combined with the advancement you desire. Not only that, the solutions you choose don’t have to be expensive or complicated. There are plenty of simple, affordable ways to optimize your online business and increase your sales, web presence and more.


Create and Maintain a Social Media Presence


Social media is a marketing mecca for modern-day businesses, and essentially, it’s impossible for a business to grow and remain relevant without it. It gives you the ability to reach your customers and audience in a new, unique way while running promotions and ads with the guarantee that customers will see them. Plus, you can connect and interact with them in real time. So, your marketing campaigns will be more successful and you can move your customer service portal to social media.


Ideally, you should have this sort of online presence across multiple social media platforms and have your reps there to respond to feedback, answer questions and provide useful content. Eventually, you’ll develop a better relationship with your audience, which will lead to an increase in brand awareness, brand loyalty, customer retention, customer acquisition and successful marketing campaigns.


Utilize Cloud-based Software


A cloud-based architecture makes it easier, more efficient and more cost-effective to maintain a web presence. With cloud-based software, you can access parts of your business from any device at any time. This will ensure your site and social media profiles remain updated. It’ll also give your customers easy access to your business and vice versa. Not only that, cloud-based software will keep your data and processes secure with real-time security updates and backups.


Take Advantage of APIs


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow businesses to add specific applications to certain processes, which increases their functionality. Web APIs can be used to help improve sales, invoicing, e-commerce, marketing, communication, payments, project management, security and collaboration processes. For example, a web API can be added to an e-commerce site to automatically include and update shipping rates for each customer order. In this scenario, without an API, a web developer would have to enter a shipping rate table into a web database, which is more time consuming and more expensive for the business.


Adding APIs is so simple that you won’t even need to hire a web developer to create these operational patches, saving even more money. Besides that, APIs can be combined with comprehensive BI Dashboards to make business operations even smoother. A Business Intelligence dashboard is a data visualization tool that shows the status of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics for your business in real time. This means you’ll be able to easily track and monitor the performance of your website, online promotions, social media profiles, customer service, web content and more.


Go Mobile


Going mobile is a key factor in optimizing your online business. This simply means, creating a mobile-friendly website or mobile app. You could increase revenue through localization strategies or give customers instant access to promotions and other content via a mobile app. Plus, mobile functionality could demonstrate your ability to be relevant and functional through all mediums and allow your team to work on their phones or tablets. This will increase training effectiveness, communication, productivity, and efficiency. Besides that, being mobile can inspire better engagement from stakeholders.


Use Tools to Automate Processes


There are some aspects of business operations that are so time-consuming that they could slow down business and lead to a loss of revenue and reputation. However, automating certain processes like payments, billing and invoicing could allow you to focus on more important business aspects. Software can be used to take care of these processes quickly and efficiently, thus optimizing your business. It allows you to focus on the more “human aspects” of your business, such as improving user experience and interacting with customers on social media.




The ways to fully optimize your online business don’t stop there, you could personalize the user experience, use data analytics tools, update security systems for data, hire young talent, create new channels for revenue growth and so much more. However, optimizing an online business can seem like a lot of hard work, but it’s as simple as harnessing the tools you have, maintaining a great social media strategy and having a supportive team behind you – all to make your business more available and consumer-friendly. Today, if you can master the digital world, you can create a successful, long-term business.

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4 Markets that are Booming Thanks to Millennials


Millennials are defined as a population group of people born between the years of 1977 – 1994. Coming behind the footsteps of a population defined as Generation X (those born between the mid ‘60’s and early 70’s), millennials have profited from the societal and technological advances of those who came before them and have carved out their own unique place in society. Listed below are four markets that are booming because of millennials.



Long gone are the days when riding a bicycle is considered to be an activity for children or athletes. Many millennials have chosen bicycling as an economical, eco friendly alternative to driving a car or using public transportation. Bicycle shops and cycling co-ops are thriving in major cities and small towns alike as on-road cyclists and touring groups share more of the road with motorists.


Bike retailers are not the only markets that are profiting from the cycling boom. Looking uniquely stylish on a bike is important to cycling enthusiasts. Custom safety gear like helmets and footwear are very popular among riders, as well as tech-forward wearables such as breathable jerseys and padded spandex shorts are flying off the shelves of retailers worldwide. What used to be a child’s casual plaything and a niche athlete’s equipment is now a burgeoning obsessions for a generation of people.


Craft Beer

Craft beer is generally defined as beer that is produced in small batches using organic ingredients and non-mechanized methods of productions. It is an alternative to standard commercial beer made in large batches that the typical consumer can purchase in any package store or commercial grocery chain. Craft beer breweries pride themselves in being a unique local skill that cannot be experienced in a random corner pub.


The amount of local craft beer breweries has grown exponentially as each business strives to offer a unique brew that satisfies even the most discerning of pallets. From IPAs, to stouts, to lagers, each brand of craft beer has its own unique flavor and often carries with it a local history that is legend to local consumers. Some craft breweries have become so popular that they offer coveted swag such as t-shirts and pint glasses that consumers can purchase to display their local brewery pride. Although some craft breweries offer their most popular brands on limited commercial basis, most die-hard craft beer fans are loyal small batch offerings that are available only in their area.



Unlike the generation that preceding them, millennials did not grow up with cigarette advertisements featuring handsome men and glamorous women who touted the virtues of smoking. Instead, they grew up with warning from the Surgeon General that detailed the dangers of smoking. With warnings of lung cancer and heart disease looming overhead, they flocked to vaping, the smoking alternative that eliminates the tar and chemicals found in most tobacco products.


As the popularity of vaping grows, internet retailers and local shops offer vape products and accessories such as batteries, e liquid tanks, and flavored e-juices in various nicotine strengths that provide a new experience that is similar to smoking. Most major cities feature vape lounges where aficionados can experience a plethora of new flavors and blends that satisfy the discerning tastes of local vape enthusiasts as well as tourists seeking a local hometown experience.



As the cost of housing and utilities rose during the 2000’s, so did the interest downsized living reduced energy footsteps. The outcome of this interest is a rise in Micro-Housing – a minimalistic lifestyle that combines sustainable energy such as solar paneling with small, sensible living spaces.


Millennials are carving out living spaces for themselves that reduce the waste of valuable resources while creating a living space that safe and cozy. Contractors are not the only beneficiaries of this small home trend. Artisans who creature furniture created from repurposed items and materials are in high demand. Tiny homes are as unique as they are economical.


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Why Machine Learning Could Lead to Profits For Healthcare

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are in vogue right now–likely the most popular technology terms on the whole of the Internet.  The applications of these technologies have been predicted to revolutionize almost anything, from what we eat to how we show to how we process massive amounts of data in the Enterprise.

Healthcare is no exception to this rule, with physicians detecting cancer with deep learning and hospitals finding new efficiencies by using the technology, but there is a deeper need driving the adoption of machine learning technology in healthcare: the need for speed.

No, this is not an intentional, cheezy reference to a 1986 cult-classic film, it’s a real need, brought on by the Amazon problem: consumers (who are also patients) need things faster and more accurately than ever before. On a less “problem” driven note, so do health care professionals. Solving highly complex healthcare workflows and science-based challenges means that the more tasks we can transfer with confidence to computers, the better.

One still has to go to medical school or nursing school. One still has to receive ACLS certification and practice in blood draws. But the more leeway healthcare professionals and institutions have to move things online, likely the better, and it’s going to make healthcare better.


Preventative Care

Ever heard that adage “get a second opinion?” All too often today, that second opinion comes at either great cost, or is an iffy factoid absorbed from the Internet. When it comes to emerging healthcare issues on an individual basis, having accurate, actionable, preventative care information is crucial.

Machine learning and empower medical professionals to understand with extreme specificity the exact medical needs of a patient.

Let’s say you have a patient who comes in with high blood pressure, cellular stress and modest obesity. A machine learning algorithm can take these and all other patient data into account and create a heatmap of data that can inform a physician of their likelihood for future problems if these trends continue. This could eventually expand as deeply as familial genetic information, providing a much, much deeper patient picture than was ever possible before.

This makes preventative care more effective, and that lead to tremendous prevention of pain and suffering as well as cost savings. It simply makes sense as a broad-based application.


Deep Care and Research

Charges by the likes of Joe Biden and others to do big things in healthcare, such as solving cancer, are common these days. Revolutions like these are on the scale of antibiotics and vaccinations, and are considerably more complex and difficult than almost any other medical challenge tackled to date.

Machine learning is the only way forward. There is too much genetic and other data to compile or program by traditional means. Machine learning models can not just cut workloads for researchers and “deep care” physicians like oncologists down dramatically, it actually drives results that aren’t possible through human analysis.

Take clinical trials for example. Essential to the development of new drugs and treatments, there has been a century-long problem of matching trial participants with trial treatments. Machine learning can mine healthcare databases on both the drug and patient side to make this match so seamless. There is so much of this data that there is no way a given physician or trial group could hope to be more effective that a computer at this process–and it matters a lot in terms of results and outcomes.

No, we won’t solve cancer in a day this way, and we likely can’t promise remarkable results only through the application of these new technologies–but there is great confidence that they will make a difference.


At the Hospital

Hospitals are technology powered marvels, and machine learning is just the type of efficiency driver that they tend to adopt. From monitoring individual patient beds to streamlining management and billing, applications of machine learning could introduce cost savings and efficiencies that everyone could benefit from.

This is particularly important as we move away from the individual clinician model of medicine to group- and hospital-based physician care. How fantastic would it be to have even a scheduling system that understands patients and can help prioritize appointment setting and flow of information between departments and specialties.

The application of machine learning makes sense in so many ways. It will be interesting and exciting to see the applications and reap the benefits.

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Why Businesses Can’t Do It Without Insurance Coverage

Business owners understandably strive to conserve funds as a necessity. Frugal behavior as a business owner can help you to better manage your budget and allocate funds in the most effective way possible. However, if you are thinking about skimping on business insurance and taking your chances in an effort to save a few dollars in expenses each month, you may want to think again. There are several good reasons why a business insurance policy is a cost-effective purchase that all small business owners need to make.


Liability Issues Can Be Expensive

Regardless of the type of business you are involved in, you may face numerous potential liability issues on a daily basis. For example, a customer visiting your store could slip and fall. One of your drivers may get into a devastating car accident in one of your vehicles. A customer could get food poisoning eating your food. These are just a few of the issues that your business may be held liable for. Business insurance may pay for your related legal fees, and it may also pay for any expenses related to a ruling up to your coverage limits. Many liability cases result in businesses paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Unless your business has very deep pockets, you may not be able to afford to pay the legal fees associated with a lawsuit or the potential outcome of a liability lawsuit ruling against your company.


Your Income Could Be Disrupted

There are a wide range of events that could disrupt your operations. For example, if you are a sole proprietor, your livelihood may be dependent on your physical ability to work each day. However, if you are injured, you may need to take time off to recover, and you may not be able to earn income during this period of time. Perhaps your building or equipment is damaged, and the repair process takes several weeks to complete. During this time, your operations may need to cease. These are only a few of the many events that could result in the disruption of your operations and in your inability to generate income for a period of time. Your bills will continue to be due during this time, and an interruption in income generating capabilities could be devastating. Business insurance may provide you with supplemental income for a period of time while you navigate through the issue. This way, you can pay your bills while you work to get operations back online.


Your Customers or Employees Could Damage Your Leased Property

Chances are that you have property insurance if you own your business property, and you may also have renter’s insurance if you lease a property. However, before you get business insurance quotes, you should consider what may happen if your employees or customers damage the property you are leasing. Your landlord could charge you for the repair costs or even sue you for damages if you refuse to pay, but a basic property rental policy may not cover these expenses. Some types of business liability insurance may pay for these expenses, and this could save you from having to pay thousands of dollars or more in unexpected expenses out of your pocket.


At first glance, buying optional coverage like business insurance can seem like an unnecessary waste of money. However, just as you would not dream of driving your car uninsured of leaving your home uninsured, you also should not leave your business uninsured. There are many potentially devastating events that could happen over the course of your regular business activities that could result in significant financial loss, and these are only a few of the ways that business insurance could benefit your business. A business insurance policy may have a very affordable premium, and this means that you cannot afford to continue operating your business without this type of coverage in place.


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